The Man Was A Paedophile. My Friend From Far Far Away Knew From Intuition.

I've not known many paedophiles.  I'm sure the reason for this is that they tend to not introduce themselves as such, and who could blame them?  Of course the instant reaction is one of disgust in we the sane and moral.  It's entirely possible that I've known several paedophiles and not known about it at all.  I like to hope not.

Let me set the order here straight away, a paedophile is someone who is attracted to pre pubescent boys or girls,  or both.  The person who has had relations with a sixteen year old but is themselves an adult might well be a criminal, but that person is not a paedophile due to the definition of the word.  You can argue that all you want.  I do not care,  as I've already provided the facts.  If you happen to be fond of semantics, then the term for someone attracted to persons in late adolescence is ephebophilia.

So as it happened from between the ages of nineteen and twenty one I spent a lot of time delivering pizza in my hometown of Kaufman, Texas; and I did this for a pizza joint named Monopoly Pizza.  Monopoly Pizza was maybe the most successful African American owned business to ever exist in my little rural town, and it was so successful because the pizza was far and away better than anyone else's was due to the fact that we used real cheese instead of some synthetic garbage like a big corporate chain would use.  The place was either carry out or deliver, as there was no dining area, and the building that it used to be in is gone now, and a CVS stands in it's place.

Scott Wilson was the owner, and besides running two of these pizza places, one in another town, he was also going to school to be a registered nurse.  Mr. Scott Wilson was a very bright man, and he'd hire the prettiest of the poor high school girls around to work in his kitchens making his pizza.  I couldn't have possibly enjoyed any of that any more than I did.  I've got lifetime friendships going with lots of those girls, and lots of the guys who'd deliver the pizzas along side me.

As it happened one evening while I was waiting for an order to come out of the oven for my next delivery an old drunken man came into the store to pick up his order of pizza, and he began to make very lewd and suggestive comments to one of my young high school student female friends.  The man was so drunk and full of it that he didn't notice or care what a fool he was making of himself.  I never forgot it, and later on I'd learn his name.  You will trust here that I will not use anyone's actual name, as I've already given mine and the town in which this all took place.

I hope you'll take a moment to realize how powerful it is to know someone's name.  I give mine freely online because I seek to do no harm, but nevermind me - once you know someone's name, you can then realize that maybe you've been hearing about that person before, but the information didn't stick with you due to you not having a face to associate that information with.  Names are powerful.  Let's call the man Jack.

Over time I began to wind up having to take deliveries to the man named Jack's house, and his house was easy to find due to a distinguishing marker in the yard, and no, the marker had nothing to do with anyone's criminal history - it was a city limits sign.  The man named Jack had grandchildren that were just five or so years younger than I was, and so I'd chit chat with those persons, and over time even met some of their friends, and that is where I continued hearing stories about the man named Jack, and his amoral proclivities.

Again, to be clear here: I've no idea if the man named Jack had ever been convicted of a crime at all, but after seeing the behaviour that I saw the first time I ever saw the man, and then over the next couple of years hearing more stories, and the fact that this man was the ONLY man that I ever heard such stories about - I came to doubt none of it.  I viewed the man as a paedophile, and with all the disgust that one views such persons with.

At some point or another during this time when I delivered pizza a guy moved to town, he'd just got out of the navy, and was friends with other friends of mine, and so naturally, he became my friend as well.  Drinking and running around buddies, and such is what we were. For whatever reason it was, the guy went to my work and parked, and rode with me during a pizza delivery.  That job was very laid back like that, it wasn't a corporate job with dozens of stupid rules and uniforms and such.   Of course you guessed already where we were taking a pizza.  I didn't say a word about the place we were going, my friend and I were listening to music and talking about girls or baseball, or our mutual friends.  I pulled into the driveway, and the man named Jack came right on outside and up to my window, paid for the pizza, and as we were backing out of the driveway my friend from far away turned and said to me,

"Todd, I think that man is a child molester."