Change your eating habits

Eat like your ancestors

Obesity is a rising problem through out the western world. We are all busy so we grab something that is easy and fast. Some of us find Fast Food cheaper, so we consume that instead.
And that is a problem because it is not natural for us eating salty food and drinking soft drinks packed with sugar.
The reason that sugar is not good for us, is that we haven't been consuming it for enough time for our systems to get used to it. So if you eat a lot of sugar during the day, you will sometimes experience ups and downs. First you feel fresh and then you will get drowsy. That's you need more sugar to become fresh again.

Eat like your Ancestors 

The bad news is that there are a lot of things our bodies haven't gotten accostumed to because we humans haven't been eating it for long enough time.
With long enough time, I mean thousands of years. When we lived in caves, we ate meat, seafood, berries, nuts, eggs, vegetables, root vegetables. When we changed from being hunters to having a agricultural society, we began producing bread, milk, cheese, sugar, alcohol, rice, pasta and later on discovered the potato in the americas.
So the philosophy behind the Paleolithic diet, is that our systems can't take to much of these types of foods and by cutting  down on them we are able to keep our ideal weight. Combined with having an active lifestyle of course. In fact scientists have discovered that when our societies became agricultural, we became smaller, fatter and more unhealthy. Who would have thought that cavemen were more healthy than modern man?

Incorporating stone age  food into our lifes

First of all, don't be fanatic about this change. You should also be allowed to enjoy yourself. That's why it is a good idea to live by the 80/20 principle which means that 80% of the food you eat, must be stone age food. With the remaining 20% you can eat whatever you want. I still enjoy a coke or a beer once in a while. I also like to drink milk and eat potatoes, but i'm a sucker for pasta, so I have seriously cut down on that.
It is in fact not very hard having this diet, because it is more about what you eat than how much you eat. So instead of eating some breakfast cereal with lots of sugar, you can eat fruit or even eggs and bacon. For lunch you can eat meat with salad. And for breakfast maybe fish with fried vegetables and mushrooms with a pinch of cream(we are not fanatics). Remember not to eat the same thing all the time. Diversity in eating is good.
The food our ancestors ate was also clean. This means that when you buy your groceries the rule is, that if there is something in this product, that you don't know what means, don't buy it. Try to buy organic. Eating vegetables that are able to last for several weeks can't be healthy.

With this diet, you will lose weight and feel more energized.