These days the economy has just about gone down the drain, with many Americans facing unemployment. Layoffs are occurring everywhere you look, bills are unpaid and homes are going into foreclosure. Many people have been forced into bankruptcy with mountains of debt. Due to the fact employment is so hard to come by for many Americans, there are many individuals who are turning to work at home job opportunities. These include such jobs as medical transcription positions, virtual assistants, travel agents, and data entry specialists. With these positions you may be able to set your own work schedule whether it be full or part time, and also you can set your pace. There are many instances of work at home jobs that are scams as well if you don't read the fine print.

Another exciting opportunity comes in the form of The Pampered Chef business. This work at home business gives stay at home moms and others the ability to have the freedom of their own schedule, based on 2-3 hour cooking parties they host. The cooking parties are used to demonstrate various cookware, kitchenware and other Pampered Chef products. These products feature all of the essentials and basics that people need to create amazing dishes and recipes from within their kitchens. There's lines of stoneware, bamboo products, simplistic designs, outdoor products and more. Pampered Chef also has several cookbooks and a line of seasons, spices, sauces and oils. Pampered Chef Consultants can make a decent home income as they prepare various Pampered Chef recipes at their own self-hosted cooking demo parties. It's very similar to the concept of Tupperware parties, offering a wide array of great cooking products.

The way Pampered Chef's business is structured as a work at home income system is based on commission levels for sales of their various products. Your percentage rate will improve as you host more parties and demo more items to people. The more parties you host in a given week, the higher percentage your commission will be. Some people host 4 or more of these parties per week and make sales, giving them incomes of $1,800 or so a month. The earning doesn't stop there though, because you can also create your own team to get higher sales, and higher commission rates up to the tune of 31%. Not too shabby for a work at home business where you get to cook, demonstrate kitchen items and eat the food you make!

If you consider yourself highly-motivated, love cooking and people, you may want to consider checking into The Pampered Chef to make money at home. They've been operational as a successful business since 19080 when Doris Christopher launched it, and have reported success even during this economic downturn. People still have to cook and eat, right? They've also been featured on many television shows and is a legitimate work at home business. If you need further evidence of that, stock market guru Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway company acquired Pampered Chef in 2002. They don't make any extravagant claims or hidden catches about their business either. There's an initial $65 startup fee to buy the products you'll be demonstrating. From there, you set your schedule, plan your demo parties and attempt to sell products. If you've got that drive, you can succeed and earn a nice income from the comfort of your home, yet still enjoy time for you and your family.