Blu-ray Players

When Blu-ray players were first released, they were priced at 1,000 dollars a piece (or $999.99 for those hanging onto that extra penny). But now you can find them under a hundred bucks with even more features like Internet access and DLNA home sharing (being able to access digital content from a PC or other devices). And companies like Panasonic are pumping out new hardware with extra features to vastly improve home entertainment. Their DMP-BDT210 is Wi-Fi ready and will have you enjoying 3D movies and TV shows with a compatible 3DTV in no time. And it's nowhere near the one grand price mark you'd have to start renting out rooms to a afford.

dmp-bdt210 blu ray playerCredit: amazon

3DTV explanation

Being able to stream Netflix movies, listen to Pandora radio and make video calls with SKYPE all on your TV is a nice little reward for those who waited to purchase their Blu-ray players. Sure, when Samsung released the very first Blu-ray player in 2005, you might've been a bit antsy wanting to blow your mind with all that Blu-ray clarity, but now you can receive all those features without missing your next house payment. One big feature this device offers is it's compatibility with a 3DTV. Yes, you'll still need those stylish glasses to get any benefit, but it'll still be impressive. Since 3DTV is fairly new, you might be asking what the difference is between old 3D and this new and improved 3D? Really, the main difference is that they've increased the frame rate and have brought the technology up so that you're seeing 1080p full HD Blu-ray 3D which is obviously much better. Now as far as whether or not 3DTV will be that big a deal will depend on the buyer. It could be just a fad that'll be on the sidelines like old 3D became. Usually, when you think of 3D, you think of kids movies and things of that nature. It'd be good for a kids party being able to watch a 3D movie just like in the movie theaters in surround sound and full HD, but you'd need to supply glasses for everyone. And with the Panasonic DMP-BDT210, you can control the depth of the 3D with the 3D Effect Controller. Most likely you'll want it set as high as possible to get the most benefit out of your 3D experience.

Internet Ready

The DMP-BDT210comes with a remote and has a handy little Skype button you can use to access video calls. You can receive your phone calls from your TV and check your messages without ever leaving the couch. You can visit Youtube, leave messages on Twitter and edit photos with Google's Picasa app also without leaving your couch. All you need is a microwave within arms reach and a portable freezer full of TV dinners and you'll never have to leave your couch again. Maybe run a few marathons every now and then to keep the body intact, but when you're home, you can take immobility to a whole new level.

More Features

Panasonics Blu-ray player is a bestseller on Amazon and has received favorable ratings from customers. It's affordable at a discounted price and is very easy to use and figure out. Not only do you have a Skype button, but you have a Netflix button saving you the hassle of navigating through menus to find what you want. Also, being able to open up the disc tray without actually touching the device is another cool feature. It has a Touch-Free Sensor that senses the wave of a hand in close proximity allowing the disc tray reveal itself. And if you love movies, you'll be able to watch tons of Amazon Instant Videos in full HD screen resolution.

Making Room

Panasonic is aggressively trying to squeeze its way into the Blu-ray craze. They were the first to release a portable Blu-ray player and continue to make improvements with each new model. It plays like a compact DVD player at only 2.4 pounds but has an 8.9 screen size for those who don't want to sacrifice too much on the crystal clear Blu-ray image. Many people coming from Sony's Blu-ray player (the leading company of the format), praise the DMP-BDT210 as being superior in ease of use and features. But regardless of that, not having to pay a thousand bucks on a piece of entertainment hardware in addition to all the neat features is a plus in my book.