Paramedic Responsibilities and Training

A paramedic position is a discipline that will require an individual to slip on a lot of hats inside the medical industry. Not only does an EMT or paramedic render advanced life support to different people, but can distribute mild surgeries and some other advanced clinical procedures when essential. The paramedic is liable for acquiring the knowledge and proficiency in giving medications, computing mathematical dosages of medicines, coping with high-tension problems, and dispensing qualified care in every single thing they do. Paramedics are healthcare professionals; and definitely go through many years of training and over 1000 hours of clinical and field internships to provide the care that they do. But paramedics aren’t necessarily found in the field or in ambulances. They can be found in many other arenas as well.

Where Are Some Places You Find Paramedics Working?

You'll notice a big number of surroundings a paramedic can work in. They're not restrained to earning a living for hospitals or private ambulance institutions. Here's a little list of paramedic arenas you may find them in:

  • Service Paramedics
  • Pilot Paramedics
  • Fire Division Paramedics
  • Police Force Team Paramedics
  • Study Companies
  • Wilderness Paramedics

These are just several of the numerous alternatives that, as a paramedic, you are competent enough to pick from. You should not suspect that you would be stuck in an ambulance for the rest of your employment. That's simply not required. Consider getting on the world-wide-web and looking up several other alternatives for your long-term, or present, line of work. There are a plethora of options. Where would you desire to work? In a research lab? How about in a helicopter? It’s really up to you and your ability to seek out what you desire.

The Current Paramedic Salary

For those who are contemplating becoming a paramedic, you'll not necessarily like to concentrate on the income. If you are inside this for your income, then you will be quite disappointed. Paramedics normally do not generate much of a total annual income.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals produce yearly, in most cases, no more than $40K a year. I am certain of just five states belonging to the U.S. that basically compensate just above $40K a year. These include Alaska, Maryland, Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon. So if you’re in the mood to move across country, you may make a higher income. But again, that up to you.

A further part to think about would be the fact that most paramedics work on an hourly schedule. So relying on a salary is probably not necessary for the place you work. You're likely to be generating an hourly income and securing somewhat more than $40K per year. How much overtime that is available is amazing. So this could put a little grin on your face when that payroll check arrives. If at all possible, you could negotiate that you’re paid on an hourly basis when interviewed. This may give you one step ahead in your annual income.

How to Develop Into a Paramedic

Just how would you become a paramedic during this point in time and era? The health care industry has transformed quite differently in the past few decades, but there are certainly websites of which will provide you with state-specific specifications for becoming a paramedic. We are going to cover a straightforward introduction in order for you to enter the employment of paramedic or EMT. Paramedics never start off as paramedics. You actually embark on your professional medical employment as a First Responder or an EMT-Basic. Depending upon which state you reside, you could be required to start as something else. Each state has their own regulations, but most states demand that you first train and receive your EMT Basic license.

You may want to embark on this process first by applying and stepping into an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) instruction school. You can see your own state-approved schedule by going to And then you would be wise to apply for the National Registry of EMTs. This is not necessarily required, but most states look highly upon this status.

Following this phase, go forward and acquire your fundamental documentation as an EMT-Basic. You do this by entering a state-approved training course. You may find some EMT-Basic courses online for as little as $750. As an EMT-B, you will gain practical experience and information about this occupation. After a few years of acquiring and maintaining your working experience, start working on obtaining the Continuing Education standards of an EMT and apply for your documentation as an EMT-Intermediate (you can, at present, pass up this step and progress right on to become an EMT-Paramedic). Most states no longer require that you to become an EMT-Intermediate to become a Paramedic. But the training course is much longer if you go straight to EMT-Paramedic. If you choose to become an EMT-I, then follow the next step.

Follow the same demands to achieve instruction, schooling, and practical experience as you did when you became an EMT-Basic; then apply for your EMT-Paramedic license and certification. Following the several years of on-the-job instruction and realistic education, you'll be able to turn into an effective paramedic. Most paramedics are required to obtain at least 1000 hours of clinical and field internships before they can be licensed. This way the public knows that they are correctly certified to handle any advanced life support care that is needed.


Paramedics are the best in the business. They provide excellent care because of their excellent training and education. To be a paramedic, you are instructed to contain a high endurance for demanding issues and must keep strong emotional, physical, and mental sturdiness. This is a very rewarding professional choice, and you'll find fulfillment whilst you assist your local community and fellow person live a lengthier and richer life. Continue to master your trade and you may soon be schooling younger EMTs to be paramedics as well. And don't forget, the lower paramedic salary is just not the reason why you entered this employment from the outset. It truly is for helping other people and to serve a bigger purpose. Good luck!