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Park Lane has always been our family's usual vacation spot whenever we go to Hong Kong. The main reason was because of its unbeatable location: Victoria Park across the road, five-minute walk to MTR station, shopping centers within walking distance, not to mention the delicious foods available nearby, as well as the one-minute walk to Wellcome Supermarket.

Once again, during our recent trip to Hong Kong (December 2013 to be more exact), we booked at Park Lane Hotel located at the busy district of Causeway Bay.

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Getting to the Hotel

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310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The Room

Park Lane Hotel RoomCredit: Lyra KuaWe have stayed at Park Lane Hotel many times already. Our recent stay is a bit different though: We'd booked via the hotel's direct website instead of our usual booking via travel agency. I'd chosen the Family room for the four of us to stay. The said room has one single bed, one double bed, and one sofa bed.

Years in the past, we had always booked through our favorite travel agency. Superior room (photo on the right) - good for two persons - was usually the room reserved for us by the agency. We would usually add an extra bed for a fee of around USD50.00 for my dad, while the rest of us were cramped in either two single beds or one double bed, quite uncomfortable if I must say.

This time, we're in the much spacious Family room. I do not know if it was because we're in the Family room, or that all the rest of the rooms were renovated, that I saw a lot of changes compared to our previous rooms:

The once semi-flat screen has now been replaced with a 50" (my estimate) slim TV.

There are plenty of universal sockets found around the room. One socket was placed on the wall just over the bedside table, which I highly appreciate as it became easier for me to charge my gadgets (and wait for them to get fully charged) while lying on bed. (Before, only one universal socket was provided, which was located on the opposite wall from the bed).

The bathroom is a bit smaller, yet not a disappointment. A built-in liquid soap dispenser has replaced the bar soap on a soap dish (I welcome the change very much as I prefer liquid soap to wash my hands with). The water faucet has been replaced with a single lever, where you can turn left or right to get the right temperature, instead of the two levers before - one for cold and one for hot.

As usual, there is the glass weighing scale below the bathroom counter. I always used that to track my weight as the vacation days passed. It gave me sheer pleasure seeing my usually underweight figure increasing a few pounds.

Since it's a room catered to the family, there is also the iron and ironing board found inside the closet. I never used those though.

The beds are comfortably soft and the quilts are warm.

Freebies and Amenities

There are lots of freebies we get to enjoy from the hotel, including the slippers, shampoo, moisturizer, bath gel, bar soap, tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and bottled water. In the room I've booked, we also get to enjoy free access to room Wifi as well as the Gym downstairs (unfortunately, I didn't try going to the gym).

Hotel Services

Outside the room, on the lobby, are lounges where hotel guests can also access Wifi. There are different desks that cater to particular needs. Facing the main entrance is long counter for reception. There is a separate line for check-in and check-out. To the left of the entrance is the bell service. For arriving guests, they are quick to collect the luggages and put them aside. Once the check-in transaction is done, they deliver it to the guests' designated rooms. To the far right is the desk for travel information and membership information. I haven't inquired about memberships yet, but we do frequent the person behind the travel information desk. Most Hong Kong visitors travel on their own, it's a good thing to have such information readily available to guests who need guidance. It is also through this counter that guests can avail tickets to attractions such as Ocean Park and Disneyland.

The Downsides

Since the hotel is located in the middle of many shopping centers, the rate of the hotel can be costly. December bookings for standard rooms can cost as much as around USD350.00 per room. Rates are even higher around New Year's Eve.
Check-In time is around 2 pm, but can go as late as 3 pm. When we arrived there, it was during the peak season. We had to go back and forth the hotel before we were finally let in our rooms.
Some rooms have bathrooms with glass partitions. This wouldn't be recommended especially if you're staying with a business partner (although curtains can be pulled around for more privacy).


I would say that this recent stay was the most comfortable stay we had in Park Lane. As a person who loves the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, it's hard not to choose Park Lane.

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Hotel Booking Tips

  1. Book the hotel on your own to get the room you really want.
  2. If possible, choose rooms on the higher floors for less noise and better window view.
  3. If you're under a budget, choose the Airport's Free Shuttle Service H2 located at the arrival hall of Central station. To get to Central Station, you need to travel via Airport Express first.
  4. If you need more bottled water, or any other free amenities, you can always ask the Housekeeping Department for more.
  5. Check-In is at 2:00pm, Check-out at 12noon. Though during peak season, don't expect to get your room on time.
  6. Get the Victoria Park view room. Few rooms offer the Victoria-Harbour View. Despite the 'Harbour View' label, I don't believe you can witness the New Year's Eve countdown fireworks from that angle (correct me if I'm wrong) nor the Lights of Symphony.