The Passive Income Workout

A Daily Program for Passive Income

If you’re anything like me then you find it a little difficult sometimes to actually fulfil your passive income goals. We’re all the same we start each month by saying – ok this month I’m going to write 100 articles for Infobarrel or this month I’ll finish three books. The reality is that few of us ever make our targets – dam life for getting in the way continuously. I myself seem to get bogged down in endless reports, discussions with clients etc.

In an effort to make myself a little more productive I’ve been experimenting with an idea for the Passive Income Workout. It’s a little system to break up my day into manageable chunks that build towards passive income. If you’ve ever tried to write 10 articles in a day or focus on one thing constantly you’ll know exactly how hard it is.

So I’ve started experimenting with my own passive income workout. I’ve basically broken my day into 8 hour chunks and in each one I work on a different aspect of passive income. I’ve found my productivity has increased dramatically and thought I’d share my own strategy with you in case it’s helpful for your own passive income goals. So without further ado here’s my daily passive income workout.

1 St Hour – Keyword Research

This is generally the most important hour of the day and, because it’s the earliest I prefer to do something gentle. Coffee and keyword research seems like a perfect combination to me and I tend to spend an hour or so just finding some great keywords for the day. Some days you’ll find enough to last you all week but some days are a little slow so an hour is a good amount of time.

2nd hour – Infobarrel Article

Infobarrel might not earn me the most money of revenue sharing websites but it is still where my heart is when it comes to online writing – largely thanks to the community. So my second hour is going to be dedicated to one decent Infobarrel article based on my keyword research. (Though this is an exception).

3rd Hour – YouTube Video

If you’re not moving into video you really should be. The ROI on videos is so good and traffic is so easy that this is an amazing revenue platform. The key is finding good videos to make and making them well. I personally like computer how to’s the most as they can be made from my desktop without too much fuss. If you’re running a blog or any other form of site then video marketing is essential. An hour is enough to make one 5 minutes video usually and do the research.

4th Hour – Hub Pages

I know they took a beating recently but I still like Hub Pages so I tend to write another article for them after my YT video break. Same as IB really.

5th Hour – Kindle Book Work

I love the Kindle passive income platform but I struggle to write books. However, I’ve developed a way to make it easier and that is to treat each info book like a series of articles. Think of each chapter as an extended article and you can soon blaze through your book. If you haven’t got a book on the go then spend this hour researching and planning a good niche book – we really don’t need any more diet plans thanks.

6th hour – Bubblews

I’ve only recently discovered this thanks to the IB forum thread but it’s a good little earner and not too difficult. I like to try and link to what I’ve done in the previous sections and you can generally get a good two articles up here in an hour.

7th hour – Squidoo

I’m still getting to grips with Squidoo to be honest but I try and spend an hour a day building a new lens or just updating old ones. Squidoo is great just because it’s not tied to your own adsense and amazon accounts which I like a lot for security reasons.

8th hour – Rest

If you’ve got the energy then do something else but I usually find that at some point I’ve needed a rest in the last 7 hours so I think this one should be the end. Take 15 mins whenever you need it and use whatever’s left to have a coffee. You’ve managed at least 6 new sources of revenue today so that’s pretty dam good.


That’s about it for my own workout and I’ll keep it updated with how I get on with it in the coming weeks. I’m sure many of you already have something similar and there’s plenty of room to switch around hours and replace some with other things on a day to day basis. Good luck with the passive income and have fun.