In my writings I would like to be able to expose myths and truths, symbolism, and general beliefs about Satanism. To start, I would like to write about the most infamous "Satanic symbol": The Pentagram.

A pentagram is a five-point star, simply put. The "Satanic" pentagram is this basic shape inverted in a way so that it appears to be upside-down. What is most interesting about the pentagram (not specifically the upside down pentagram) is that it has been used by many religions, including: Christianity, Judaism, Wicca.

Medieval Christians generally saw the five points as a representation of the five wounds of Christ (two in the hands, two in the feet, and lastly one from the spear to the side).

Besides its usage as a religious symbol, it also has a history of potential creation by the Babylonians to be used a way of finding "direction" similar to a compass. The probable orientations: forward, backward, left, right, and above.

Why should the Satanic pentagram not be feared?

The pentagram, in its most basic form, is merely a symbol. Often associations with the symbol causes fear. However, these associations are found in many symbols. For example, the Nazi Swastika was originally a Jewish symbol. The German Nazis stole the symbol, and used it against the very group that once associated with it! It was not just the symbol that caused fear, but what the Nazis were doing behind the cloak of that symbol. Christianity has the symbol of the cross. To some people, the cross is viewed in a similar way: repression, religion, forcing beliefs on another.

Ultimately, the question to ask is: are these symbols themselves wrong?

Are symbols a good representation of a group?

Should groups come under one universal symbol?

I will leave it up to you to determine, however I am still here to inform specifically about the Satanic pentagram.

In such a way that a cross represents Christianity, the pentagram is a symbol of Satanism. Now, what is in the symbol of the upside down star?

Generally, the inversion of the star typically represents rebellion and anti-religion. Some representations of the pentagram include the image of the goat-headed Baphomet in the star itself, surrounded by two circles, and frequently consists of Hebrew letters spelling out "LEVIATHAN" (which is a word typically associated with the "great-beast": Satan).

While I have explained what the pentagram is, I still can understand the fear people have in regards to it. I have seen it spray painted on walls where gangs collect. In similar fashion to the Nazis, some groups have the tendency to steal symbols and pervert them; which inadvertantly creates fear. However, every individual needs to analyze the usage of the symbol and determine whether it is the symbol that is "evil" or the actions of those using it. If the latter is your ultimate opinion, I would ask you to consider all of the individuals following the belief of Satanism.

Satanism is such a diverse belief system that there very well may be horrible individuals following it, but likewise there are also some great people too! This could be stretched out to all belief systems and religions. There are horrible Muslims, but there are also some great ones too!