The basement is the perfect solution to adding more room to your home without having to make an extension of your house or adding another floor. It's simply the first and best option to take when you need more space.

A beautifully designed and functional basement will not only be the answer to your problems, it will also be a good space for you and your family to enjoy. That's why when you are looking for the perfect basement finishing system that is just right up to your alley, all you need is to ask questions and do a little research.

1. Some basement finishing systems have showrooms or model houses that they can show you. Always ask first if they can show you a sample basement of a house they just renovated. You may have an ideal basement already finished in your mind but it's always good to get a little reference and ideas. This is also a good way for you to find out if you like their approach to creating a beautiful basement.

2. Tell them your needs and basement ideas. Are you turning the basement into a bedroom, a playroom or a game room? If for example you're turning your basement into a theater room, ask if they have done something like this before and if they can bring you to that basement they just remodeled. If it's not possible for them to show it to you, they can at least show you the pictures and the blue prints of how they did things in the previous house.

3. Always find out what kind of material they used. Basements tend to get a little moldy when contractors get a bit careless. Tell them how important it is to you that your basement won't get moldy in a couple of years. Some materials are mold proof and basement finishing systems that used these materials are better to deal with.

Asking the right questions and doing research can do you good when you are looking for the right basement finishing systems for your home. Just remember that even though you did your part in researching, you still need to be on top of everything when renovation starts. It is your home after all and supervision is the key to have a perfect basement that your family would enjoy.

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