I recently had occasion to redo my bathroom and I'm just so excited about how it turned out. Okay, it might seem a bit silly to get worked up over a bathroom but I normally find them to be disgusting. Even if there is nothing dirty about them, they're just dirty by nature. It's like never ending impossible quest to beautify a bathroom to the point where it feels 100% not filthy. You can get to 99.9999999% but like the hyperbola I remember from high school math class, you can never quite reach the line.

So, step one: I wanted a claw-foot bathtub. Why? I genuinely have no idea. Something about today's bathtubs just seem too boxy, too mass produced. Too cold. It's just a feeling but to put it another way, looking at a standard bathtub elicits no emotional response whatsoever. I'm pretty sure that's normal. If I got excited looking at bathtubs of course there would be something wrong with me. On the other hand, a freestanding tub with claw feet immediately makes one think of the 1920's or even earlier. It inherently has style, even if it hasn't been stylized. On top of this there is more room for the designer to play with the shape / contours of the tub itself, plus the hardware and the feet themselves. These tubs can be, in a way, art.

Everyone knows basin sinks and faucets can be art, or at least if you don't know then you should. If you think I'm crazy regarding my opinions on bathtubs then at least I can say with confidence that there are an enormously large number of people who agree with me on faucets, otherwise there wouldn't be so many styles and they wouldn't be so incredibly expensive. I managed to find a bronze bathroom sink basin with a lip (an important feature) inset into a distressed wood cabinet that is freestanding and the shape of an oval. I say freestanding not to imply I can move it (there's plumbing inside!) but that it doesn't look like it's connected to the wall in any way and it's completely oval, front and back.

Finally I had to pick out a toilet. This was the most difficult part, not because there were so many to choose from but in fact the complete opposite. There ARE a ton of toilets you can get, but they all pretty much look the same. Unlike sinks, apparently no one has yet come up with a really good way to stylize a toilet (without it looking completely ridiculous). C'est la vie. I'll have to make do with a padded leather seat. The rest of my bathroom is perfect.