Winter is a time in which the majority of people put their nice dress shoes away in their closets, and begin to wear their older casual dress shoes for the winter! The idea of a pair of dress shoes being perfect for the winter, for most people, usually translates to an older pair of shoes that the person no longer cares about.

However, there is a way to wear a phenomenal pair of dress shoes (that you actually care about) throughout the winter. The idea behind wearing a nice pair of casual dress shoes throughout the winter is to choose a pair that has a durable enough surface to withstand the snow/slush, and a strong enough sole to not let any water or snow through! This article lists and describes the two optimal pairs of shoes to wear in the winter, as well as two of the qualities that you should be looking for if you decide that you want to consider a different pair.

Johnston & Murphy Melton Oxford

These specific shoes by Johnston & Murphy may have a hefty price tag attached to them, but simply looking at the picture on the right will allow you to understand that they are the ABSOLUTE TANKS of all shoes! All of Johnston & Murphy’s shoes can be deemed as being absolutely amazing casual dress shoes for the winter; however, this specific pair will allow you to look amazing while you are trenching through the snow!

There are obviously a ton of benefits to buying a pair of black dress shoes in the summer, spring, and autumn; however, one of the most overlooked factors is that black dress shoes will contrast with the color of the snow, which will ultimately look great! This means that in addition to the shoes being durable enough to protect your feet in the snowiest weather, they will allow you to look great while walking!

Casual Dress Shoes For The Winter Should Have A Slight Heel

The snow can get relatively high depending on what country you live in; for this reason, the perfect pair of casual dress shoes for the winter season should always include at least a slight heel. This will ensure that your foot is at least somewhat elevated from the ground, which will ultimately protect both the shoe from getting ruined, and your foot from getting wet.

However, on the contrary side, the snow can cause the ground to be much more slippery than when it is dry, and having even the slightest heel underneath your foot will take away from your overall balance.  This means that you should always consider the actual height of the heel when determining which pair of casual dress shoes could be worn in the winter.

Clarks Trustworthy Womens

Women generally place more emphasis on the visual appeal of their shoes than men do; a man is usually satisfied as long as the pair of casual dress shoes for the winter look decent and keep their feet dry. Women, on the other hand, have a strong desire to purchase a pair of dress shoes for the winter that will protect them from the snow, as well as allow them to look amazing.

I believe that the Trustworthy shoes that are shown to the right look good enough to be worn to a formal event, offer a ridiculously great amount of durability to protect the woman from the snow, and are priced within a range that suits even the smallest budgets.

There are many Clarks shoes that offer enough durability to last a lifetime; however, I believe that the Trustworthy models have the perfect balance of durability and looks, which ultimately make them the perfect pair of casual dress shoes for the winter season.

The Best Casual Dress Shoes For The Winter Are Closed-Toed And High-Cut

I can remember one specific time in which I saw a lady walking through a snow bank that was almost 10 inches high in a pair of open-toed shoes; I began by laughing at how funny it looked, and then thought-why on earth would she choose that specific pair of shoes for a snowy day!

That vision is why I chose to include this tip in this article on the perfect pairs of casual dress shoes to wear throughout the winter. The pair of dress shoes that you choose to wear through the next winter season should be closed-toed, and have a high cut upper edge. This will ensure that no snow enters the casual dress shoes from the front or the top of the pair!