Tips to selecting the best Droid phones

First, cell phone carriers can be pricey depending on which one you decide to sign  up with.  In the end it comes down to whether you are willing to pay for quality.  Droid cell phones are premium devices, but even they can be  limited if they can't get a signal.  Ask people you know who they went with and if they are happy with their service.  Even if you have to  pay a little more in the end it is worth it because an Android phone with a poor carrier is kind of like a Porsche with two wheels, it's still fun to look at, but it can't do very much in the real world.

If you look to your phone as a source of entertainment then go with a Droid device that has a larger screen.  It will make games much more entertaining and will help save your eyes as you will not be squinting trying to follow a small screen.  There is so much you can do with Android devices in regards to entertainment that games are just the tip of the  iceberg.  You can watch TV from major networks, a wide array of movie  channels, and channels from around the world that you would normally  never have access to.  For a long flight, or when you are stuck at the airport, having a big screen to watch shows on can make a huge difference.

The best Droid phones have processor speeds that are extremely fast.  The  processors in the Droid phones are what make these devices so fast when surfing the web, downloading content, and keeping up with  applications and programs that require quick processing such as GPS  directions.  If you skimp on the processing speed in the device it can be harder to use things like GPS and any of the car finder applications as the processor will have to work harder to keep up with your  constantly moving locations.  The more powerful the processor the better your  phone will be able to run multiple apps at the same time.  For example,  if you are running a music app and you are also running GPS at the same time, you want to ensure the  processor can keep up with the demands you will be placing on it.

So when you are purchasing a new Droid phone take these points under consideration before you buy a phone possibly just because it looks nice.  The best Droid phones are the ones that have been built for your specific needs.