Miniture Golf

What it Can Tell You About a Person

If you want to know a lot about a person on the first date go miniature golfing. This many sound silly but here is my theory on what Putt Putt golf reveals about a person.

Are they CRAZY competitive?

If you are a competitive person, which I am not, it will serve you well to know the level of their competitive nature. This also show how humble a person will be. For example if they lose will they be graceful losers or will they be mad the rest of the night? Now again if you are like me and not so competitive, is your date willing to play the game trying our best but not keeping score?

Do they get angry easy?

This is really just the aftermath of the first point, need I say more...

Can they be "middle of the road" serious?

OK so this is a BIG deal for me. If want someone who will be serious at time and silly at others this is an important one. In miniature golf when it is their turn to putt pay attention to the way they take on the challenge. Do they focus or do they hit the ball and hope for the best?

Do they respect others?

Whatever your definition of respect is, this will surly show. This is what I look for. If my date and I are a little slower than the lovely player behind us, is it a big deal to let the other play ahead?

Will they respect you?

Here is where I spend most of my assessment. Does he let me go first (women first thing)? Does he rush me? Is he willing to help me?

Like I said it may sound crazy but I have had great success with this method and the other great thing about it is that you get to talk and interact with each other, unlike going to the movies and sit beside each other quietly watching a movie. Try it out and see. First dates are nerve-racking and even frustrating. Here is a great first date idea and what is can tell you about a person. Its easy, doesn't cost a lot, and really fun.