Groom Wedding Speech Tips

When you are planning your groom wedding speech, many of the rules that apply to those standing up at the Oscars to claim their award will also apply to you. Crying is definitely a no-no for your speech!

We've all been to a wedding where the groom wedding speech has been a long list of thanks and political pandering to the different people in the family. Indeed, I recall one where my personal highlight was the groom having to admit he couldn't read his own writing and he'd have to skip some of the speech!

If you have ever been the best man at someone else's wedding, then you will know that the groom speech is a different beast to the best man's speech. You will naturally have to say a few thanks, and ensure that your new family as well as your existing family don't leave the wedding feeling slighted. Also, it is best to leave the more risqué jokes to the best man, as an inappropriate joke at the wedding at the expense of your new mother-in-law could really make life difficult for you.

If there is one tip I can give you for your groom wedding speech more than any other, it would be to ensure you don't drink too much before your speech. A glass of champagne or wine shouldn't be a problem, but if that becomes three or four then it may lead to your inhibitions coming down too early, and saying the wrong thing or slurring your words may lead to your speech being remembered for all the wrong reasons. The groom wedding speech will mean that everyone will be listening to every word you say, so being coherent is a definite plus.

When you get to the section of the speech where you need to give out your thanks to everyone who has helped, be aware that this is one of the most critical parts of the speech. You need to thank all of the key players who have helped you get married of course, and whilst flattery will work well with your mother and your wife's mother, a bit of a joke with the fathers is fine as long as it is not going to dig too deep. Try and intersperse this part of the groom wedding speech with a few light-hearted stories, as listing your thanks can be very dry, and quite boring for some guests.

The conclusion of your speech should be like a good piece of music, a steady crescendo culminating in talking about your bride. After all, for most women this will be a massive day for her, so discuss what made you fall in love with her, and no more than a little good-natured teasing. And most of all, if you can, every groom wedding speech I've seen goes better if the groom is relaxed, so maybe just ONE drink to help with that – but no more.