Experience an Italy honeymoon the way a true Italian would see it. See Italy in a way like no other.

Normally, the tourists head to the popular and most crowded spots, which can be impersonal and commercialized.

But if you are traveling by car, or better yet, foot through Italy, you will see and experience some spectacular venues.

A wonderful experience would include staying in a Bed and Breakfast at one of Italy's organic farms. These are referred to as agriturismi, a place that is known as Italy's most romantic or honeymoon destination.

Besides being one of the best places to learn about Italian foods, they are a place with breathtaking vistas of the villages. Rome would have one located far out of the city area, usually in a very serene, peaceful, and picturesque setting. Imagine, a true Italian vineyard, walking together and able to pick the fresh fruit, what could be more romantic?

Also, if you are experiencing a true Italy honeymoon, staying in an agriturismo, you will be filled with the best and freshly prepared Italian food you will ever have. The food will be much better and less expensive than the pricey restaurants that cater mostly to the tourists. You will be able to find some all-inclusive packages that will cost much less than a hotel stay.

An Italy honeymoon is by far one of the most romantic getaways, not only because of the beautiful views and the Italian lifestyle, but because of the feel of romance there. Romance is what Italy is all about.

Their songs are all based on romance and love. You will always see couples walking holding hands. Even eating has become a romantic ritual in Italy.

In Italy, to sit down to dinner at a restaurant or a bed and breakfast, the meal is meant to be a long and drawn out ritual. It is to be enjoyed and shared with one another.

There is a romantic ambiance all throughout Italy, whether you are in Florence, Milan, or Rome, you will feel the romance, see the beauty and experience the true love only an Italy honeymoon can only provide.

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