Do you really like spending time with children? Do you enjoy every minute that you are around them? If so, you would probably enjoy working as a nanny for a family with little children. This particular job in becoming increasingly popular as both parents are starting to work outside their home. They need someone who is qualified, competent and reliable to care for their children while they are away-someone who they can trust to take care of their kids the same way they would. Some may rely on a babysitter at first, but soon come to the realization that a nanny is much better suited to their needs. There are times when the sitter may not be available, leaving them with no other option than to miss work, and this isn’t something that pleases most employers.



Having a nanny come to their home to each day means that they are able to maintain their schedule, yet are secure in the feeling that their kids are being well attended to, and are able to stay in their own home instead of having to be dropped off at the sitters each morning. Even if the children are placed in a day care facility, they still have to be taken there and left until the workday is done. It is much better for them to be able to stay home in familiar surroundings, and a nanny can make this possible. Once the hiring has been done, she will make it her priority to arrive each morning to assist with the children, getting them ready for their day. Whether they attend school, or are too young, she is there for them until the parents arrive back at home.


Her duties may vary according to the wishes of her employer, but her main concern is the well-being of the children. Since she will be the main caregiver while the parents are not home, she will have a definite influence on how they are raised, all in accordance to the wishes of the parents. She will be the one to prepare their meals and snacks, supervise their activities, and make sure they are safe, happy, and content. Since all youngsters tend to be rambunctious at times, it’s important to possess a great deal of patience and understanding. Being able to communicate on a level they will understand, maintaining a cheerful attitude, and not getting upset when things go awry are also necessary qualities of a good nanny.


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You may be extremely interested in a job like this, but not have the faintest idea about where to find one. That is actually the easy part. Good advertising will get the word out that you are looking, and there are several ways to do this. Talk to your friends and relatives about your desire to become a nanny. There is a good chance they may know of someone who is looking for someone like you. They may have a co-worker with children who is seeking a nanny to care for her kids, and be willing to put you in touch, as well as provide a good reference for you. You can also advertise in local newspapers in the classified section, post notices on public bulletins boards, or sign up with a nanny service online.


Keep in mind that most parents are going to want to conduct one, or even two interviews with you. They want to find out all there is to know about the person they will be leaving their children with, so don’t be offended if they ask a lot of personal questions. They will probably want to do a background check on you, look into your past work history, and check references thoroughly. You will most likely expect to have at least one interview with the children present to see how well you are able to communicate with them, and how they react to you. This is all part of the process leading up to the point of employment as a nanny, and should the situation be reversed, you would do the very same thing.


Babysitters need to have experience with children.

The interview is also the time for you to ask specific questions pertaining to the duties required should you be hired. Find out all you can about the kids, whether they have any specific needs you should know about, disciplinary actions, and anything else you can think of that will make your job easier. The more information you have, the better you will be able to perform as a nanny. Salary will normally be discussed at this time, so be honest about what you would like to earn, but don’t be unrealistic. Be honest and upfront about your experience, and your interview will most likely result in a position being offered.