Heart break is a two way street

Many people spend their entire lives searching for what they consider “The One”. Others jump into the fray early on and come out with a significant other for life. The topic of the very existence of a “perfect match” has been debated on for years. Does such a thing even truly exist? Before you think you’ve found your perfect match you should take multiple areas into consideration. Can you see yourself with him or her for life? Does he or she reflect the lifestyle you wish to lead?

            Many times individuals begin a relationship with someone who is at first exciting; the constant surprises pique their interest and attraction ensues. The exact opposite is also a very probable possibility, you may enjoy spending leisurely days together. However, in the long run one must question the exact lifestyle that their suitor follows. Imagine you try to lead a very fit and healthy life, you eat the right foods and work out daily, if your significant other lounged around while not caring at all about his or her health your relationship would more than likely end up like countless others lost in the stream of life. The same would ring true for a number of other situations in regards to differing lifestyles and choices as well as behaviors.

            A perfect match is essentially a lifetime commitment, where each person gives and takes to contribute to the relationship. One must ask themselves, “Do I see myself staying with this person for the rest of my life?” If there are any reservations its best that you hold off on using titles such as “perfect match” at all. If your suitor is immature throughout their lives and seems to love drama, chances are they will not change, as many never do. You do not want to commit yourself completely to another only to find out their commitment isn’t as strong. You cannot force someone to change for you, that is their own decision.

            The term perfect match is one that is thrown around haphazardly, but don’t forget its power. It is a lifetime promise between two people. For the best interest of both parties involved make sure that this person is one who matches your way of living. Also be sure to be completely committed to them and not to changing them.