There are tons of people out there who don’t really care too much about where their dog rests or sleeps. Some folks put their dogs in kennels in the garage; others put them in their own beds at night; and there are even some that just let the dogs spend the winter outside in the cold. Let me ask you this: what’s the coldest place for a dog to sleep? Obviously, it’s the ground. Whether that’s on the cement floor in the garage or the kitchen floor in the house, it’s cold. And that may just be why you’re looking for the best outdoor dog bed you can find for your pup. Well, hopefully you’ll find this article quite helpful. I’d like to review two of the top outdoor dog beds on the market today.

Outdoor Dog Bed

The Alpha Pooch Softie Outdoor Dog Bed

Whether you want your pet to sleep outside or in your house, then you want this dog bed. Whether your dog is X large or you’ve got a couple smaller pups, this dog bed is for you. First, here what the company has to say about this product.

“The Softie Outdoor is a rectangular bed that is designed for outdoor use and can also be used indoors for added versatility. Fabric selection will fit into any outdoor setting as well as in your home. This bed is water repellent and can be lightly wiped clean or machine washed. Your pet, and Mother Nature, will benefit from the soft and comfortable fiber fill which is made from recycled post consumer soda pop bottles, allowing your pet to enjoy the sun and shade. Removable cover is machine washable.”

The outdoor dog bed comes in different sizes as well. You have the 18x24 inch bed for smaller dogs; the 27x36 inch bed for medium-sized dogs, and the 36x60 inch dog bed for the X large dog in your house. It comes in marine blue and can easily be packed away for family trips. If this doesn’t seem like a good fit for your dog, or if you want your dog elevated off of the entire ground, then you may want to check out this next product.

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Maze Pets Cool Cot Outdoor Dog Bed

“The Maze Pets Cool Cot keeps your pet safe, cool, and dry, even on the hottest of days. The portable, lightweight pet bed assembles easily with no tools needed and folds compactly for convenient storage. Mesh material provides airflow that keeps your pet cool. For indoor and outdoor use. You can stake the legs to the ground for extra stability. Easy to wash and keep clean. Suitable for dogs up to 90 pounds. Measures 39 x31 x 8 inches.“

Not for your most largest of dogs, this bed is still pretty stable for most pets. Because it’s made out of a meshed cot, this bed will keep your dog cool during those hot summers. If you’re looking for something that will keep your dog off of the ground, mud, and cement, then this could very well work for you. The price is currently at $39.99 and is a great deal compared to other beds that are this size and elevated. Take a peek at some of the customer reviews of people who’ve already purchased the Maze Pet bed.

“I purchased this cot for the purpose of deterring my dog from laying on the dirty brick sidewalk and to raise her off the floor in situations where laying on the floor could pose a threat (i.e. camping where there are many bugs). I also wanted a cot that would allow her to sprawl out while still fitting into the Instant Dog Haus by ABO (which I bought to keep her cool in the sun). This is a very sturdy, nicely made cot that I put together in about 5 minutes. It will be easy to transport on our trips and, as calculated by the online measurements, it fits perfectly into the ABO Dog Haus. For someone looking for a "covered cot" situation, I was apprehensive of the models that come with the cot/cover all-in-one because none looked wide or tall enough for my large dog to stretch out in--which is why I purchased the cot and the tent separately but with the intent to use together. And, so far, I'm quite sure I made the right decision. I would recommend this product to another due to apparent durability and ease-of-use.” – Valerie Nagel

“I run a doggie daycare and have gone through many brands of cots looking for one of quality, This is it! I would highly recommend.” – Doglady

“Live in Sacramento where the summers easily get into the 100 degrees. Got this doggie bed so that our welsh terrier would have a cool place to lay while being outdoors during the day. I was very much satisfied with the high quality of the bed, even though the bed we received were missing 2 of the screws to build it. Instead of hassling the seller for the 2 screws, went to home depot with one of the screws from the set and picked up the same kind for a buck. The finished bed is completely awesome and of really high quality metal (for the legs/frame) and plastic mesh. A must for dog owners in hot areas.”  – Peter Becerra


So as you can see, the customers are really pleased with their product. If you’re really serious about helping your dog, then you may consider one of these outdoor dog beds. If you’d like to check out a few other options, there are plenty of reviews on InfoBarrel. You definitely want the best for your pet. And you can’t go wrong with any of these choices. If you’d like more information on these products, then click on their titles above and you’ll be sent to their respected pages with more reviews and other data about the product. I’ve also added a couple other dog beds that might suit your needs in a different way. Here a couple other outdoor dog beds that might be what you’re looking for: