• Perfectly combines crunches and leg lifts into a single exercise
  • Targets the abs perfectly, allowing even a beginner to get a great core workout
  • Simple to set-up and even easier to use
  • Very good for newcomers to fitness


  • Some difficulty performing twists and oblique exercises

Full Review

The company Perfect Fitness just presented a progressive new abdominal product labeled The Perfect Situp. The aim of their unique system is to provide an instrument that concentrates someone’s abdominal exercising exactly onto the six-pack area in a functional and risk-free method. The idea is to emphasize the six-pack to enable you to accomplish the ripped waistline you've always dreamed about.

Perfect Fitness might have designed the product to sell as the magic machine to carve you the six-pack you've been waiting for, but what is the reality of the product? I'm going to give you the answers you need to make the decision of whether to purchase it, or pass it by and save your money.

At first glance, the product has a sleek design that has the Perfect Fitness signature quality on it. They have produced other popular products such as the Perfect Pushup, which was a best-seller, and the Perfect Pullup which didn't do quite as well but can be found in almost any store you can think of. It's simple to setup and even change sizing if you desire. As a whole it feels sturdy and conforms well to the body. As I tested various exercises, it stood the test of a pain-free and controlled situp. It definitely isolates the six-pack region while providing a bit of a leg lift workout as well. The handles down to the back-padding feel sturdy and worth every penny.

After the first test run I attempted to do some twisting, oblique-focused situps which didn't really go over too well. The product felt as though it was a bit of struggle to get to twist side to side. However I decided to just leave these out of my routine when using The Perfect Situp. After about 30 minutes of testing, and really trying to see how well of a workout I could maximize with the equipment, I found it to be worth the money. In all honesty I won't be using it EVERY time I do an abdominal focused exercise, but as I do with my Perfect Pushups, I'll incorporate the product into my workouts for some extra boost and to switch up my routine. I'll still be doing standard situps and crunches, but The Perfect Situp really does add comfort and isolation to a well-rounded ab regime. Being a single function piece of equipment, you're getting what you pay for, and that's a solution to boring, classic sit-ups and leg lifts.

As for the price of 3 payments of $33 as of the day this article is being written, it costs less than a gym membership for 3 months. You have the option of pulling it out wherever and whenever you like and can easily transport it in your luggage while on travel. When looking at other exercise systems such as Bowflex, you're paying over a thousand dollars for the same ammenities. The price point is spot on in my opinion and was no doubt worth my 3 payments.

In Closing

You could drop $100 on a gym membership which you might not even be using, or use once per week in reality, or you could get something that is sitting and waiting for you to use at any given moment. It sounds like the perfect deal to me!