Sliding screen doors are a must for your patio or living glass doors. Modern homes have entire walls made of glass, which is great, because they let the sunlight and fresh air in, and allow you to enjoy the scenery. But, during the hot summer days and during the summer evenings, you also need some protection from the powerful sun and from all the insects that might enter the house. Sliding screen doors are the right solution for you. They are easy to handle, they don’t need a lot of space to install and they protect your from heat, light and insects.

 How To Pick The Right Sliding Screen Doors For Your House

There are many things you need to consider when picking screen doors. First of all, the degree of protection you need. Insects are the ones bothering you and you want to keep them outside your house? Then, you should buy transparent sliding screen doors, perfect to keep nasty flies out, but allowing the light to come in. If your living room (or the room where you want to install the screen doors) is oriented toward south or if you live in a vey warm climate, then you probably want some shade inside your house, during the day. If that’s the case, you should go with some screens made of a thicker, dark colored material. Not only you will be protected from the heat and excessive light, but also the furniture and the other items from your house. Things like carpets, wooden floors, sofa beds that are under the direct light from the sun need protection during the day, in the summer. They will discolor and will break more easily if you keep them under direct sunlight. Also, sliding screen doors help you save money during the summer. It’s so much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside a room that’s already protected from the sun.  If not, you will have to keep the AC on during the entire day and you’ll have to pay a huge electricity bill every month.

 Sliding Screen Doors Bring Elegance To Your Home

Besides being very useful, those doors can also add extra charm and elegance to your home. Make sure you pick framings for them that fit the color and the shape of the main doors and windows rom your home. Also, the color of the actual screen should look nice on the color of the house. This doesn’t mean you should match them together, only to make sure there isn’t a bothering contrast. To modern, contemporary houses, the sliding screen doors manage to add the exotic charm of traditional Japanese architecture, which uses all sorts of panels and screen doors.

 Qualities Of Reliable Screen Doors

When picking sliding screen doors, you need to make sure you get a good-quality item. First of all, take a good look to the framing and the sliding system. They need to be quite solid, since you install the doors outside and they need to be able to take some bad weather as well. Generally, framing and sliding systems are made of aluminum, but you can also find ones that are made of plastic. With the plastic ones you really need to take some precautions. Ask the manufacturer what type of plastic is it, how it takes the heat and the wind and also ask about the warranty. If the manufacturer or the seller offers you only one or two years warranty for the sliding screen doors, it’s a sign that you should pick another item.

 Get The Entire Kit

When shopping for sliding screen doors, you should look for ones that came as a kit. Don’t buy the track rollers from one place and the rest of the hardware from another place. This will only cause you problems and it will transform the installment of your new doors into a real nightmare. If you buy the entire kit from one manufacturer, putting all the parts together and installing the doors will be much easier. Make sure you get the dimensions right: you need to measure all the sides carefully. If the patio or the living doors where you want to install the screens don’t have standard dimensions, you will have to order some sliding screen doors to fit your particular measurements.