A Good Small Business for Stay at Home Moms

A Tough ChoiceBusiness Woman

Perhaps the toughest choice a mother will ever have to make is, staying at home with her children or leaving the house to make extra income for the household. We would all love to be able to stay at home all day with our families, but with the rising cost of living, there's really not much of a choice anymore. A typical family now needs two incomes to get by, but this doesn't necessarily mean both parents have to leave the house to make that income.

Starting a business at home will allow a mother to schedule her career around her family, which is a luxury most never have the chance to experience. Starting a business in your home seems like a daunting task. Just the hearing the words "my own business" seems like it would be expensive and time-consuming, and this probably true for most businesses. Then there's always the chance that your business will not succeed and it will be a waste of time and money. This is why you have to make sure you start the right business.

The Best Home-Based Business

The perfect small home business would be one that wouldn't require a lot of capital to start, not include years of training, and allow you to be as successful as you want. Opening a mobile spray tanning business is about the best option when taking these criteria into consideration. While it might not be solely done in the home, the majority of it will probably take place at your house.

You have to cater to the customer's needs when it comes to appointment times. If you do have to travel, you will always have the option to tell the customer what day and time will the best for you. Having the option to schedule your work around family is a unique advantage that many mothers would love to have.

Perhaps the best thing about an airbrush tanning business is that the income potential is what you want it to be. You can turn it into a full-blown salon or just make enough to pay the mortgage every month. It is all a matter of what you want to put into it.

Social Media

In order to be successful as a spray tan technician, you must understand the power of social media. It is going to allow you to keep your profit margin high, and at the same time you will be able to reach the majority of your potential customers through a social media site like Facebook. 

One of the best things about Facebook is the targeted advertising. You can run an advertising campaign for as long as you want and target a specific demographic. If you just want to spend $50 you could set it to show to only women who are 16-50 years old in a 50 mile radius of your location.

This is extremely powerful from an advertising standpoint. The ability to specifically target certain individuals is something companies would have paid millions for a decade ago. Now everyone can do it, and with a spray tanning business you should definitely leverage this advantage.

Why is mobile spray tanning so popular?

The first thing to mention is that spray tanning is definitely on the rise. People are looking for an alternative to get a good glow without the obvious side effects related to over-exposure of UV rays. Precautions need to be taken as well for spray tanning, but people are feeling safer with airbrush tanning.

Tanning in a booth was really the way that it all started, but there are some problems associated with booths. If you don't watch what you're doing you can easily be stuck with a bad look for a week. It can also look unnatural (your armpits will be the same color as your legs), and people want it to look natural. A spray tan technician can take care of these problems.

The ability to travel to a customer and give them a tan is another reason people are leaning more and more towards spray tanning. You only have to do it once a week as opposed to several times a week with a tanning bed, and it doesn't take that much effort to set up and give the spray tan.

There's a video of a technician setting a tent up at someone's house below

 A typical appointment will last twenty minutes at the most, it's comfortable for the customer to get tanned in their own house, and they're done with tanning until the next week. Convenience and beauty is something everyone is looking for in today's world, becoming a mobile spray tan technician will answer both of these needs. You also get to make some money doing it.