In this article I am going to briefly go over some points as to why the Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 inch could potentially be one of the most effective tools for making quality notes from a university lecture and how it could potentially increase the grade of your degree classification rather dramatically.

First, however I am going to go over the possible areas as to where you can buy the MacBook Pro 13.3 inch, you can check out sites such as Amazon and other online electronic retailers, or if you are already a student you can head straight over to the apple website and order it directly from them, where they hold discounts, 'special pricing' and other promotions (e.g. gift vouchers) for when you purchase the MacBook Pro 13.3 inch.

So Why the Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 Inch?

It's fast - there is no denying that whatever model of the 13.3 inch MacBook Pro you buy, either the 2.3 GHz model or the 2.7 GHz model, it will be packed with the 'latest technological innovations'. Allowing you to quickly navigate and multitask around the Mac and hence not wasting valuable study time or note making time waiting an age for programs to load up.

It's Going to Last - not only in the terms of quickly becoming outdated by other computers as Macs hold their value pretty well compared to many other laptops (which can dramatically drop in price and performance in a matter of months), but also in terms of its battery life. Up to that of seven hours from a single charge, should more than see you through the lecture for making notes.

Compatible - there is often the misconception that if you get a Mac you are then somehow cut of from the rest of the world when trying to link up with other software and machines, which just isn't so. The Mac allows you to work easily with Microsoft Office etc. However, I would personally recommend the free 'openoffice' software that does pretty much everything Office can but is compatible across most writing platforms. Hence it is rather easy for you to allow your notes to be printed on different platforms and computers.

The Mac Apps - there are some really great free applications out there for students, that will just make their life a whole lot easier, by saving time and effort. For example there is Evernote which will allow you to stop making scrap notes of what you need to do all the time, as it allows you keep everything you need to do in one place - text notes, voice notes, image notes etc. Another one of my personal favourites is MindNode, this app allows you to create mindmaps, this will then allow you to help structure your revision or your essays etc. Check out Free Essential Mac Apps for College students, to find out about more Mac apps that can contribute towards the success of your university degree.

Compact - You will find that the Mac Pro 13.3 inch is just the perfect size, rather than its bigger companions of the 15 inch and the 17 inch. It can be easily carried about with you in a bag and doesn't take up too much space when you are sat typing up the notes that are being made in the lecture theatre. If you are worried about the size, you probably don't know about the Mac's easy zoom in option by holding down the key 'cmd' and then scrolling forwards to zoom in to a particular point on the screen.

Connection - the Mac will easily find connections points, whether that is the printer, or an wireless internet source that you are trying to connect to, it will tell you instantly that there is a connection point available and carry you through a few simple steps in order to connect.

I haven't obviously covered all the points, but if you have anymore please just add them below in the comments section.

How the Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 Inch Can Improve Your Success at University?

So above I have briefly answered how the MacBook Pro 13.3 Inch can be an extremely effective tool for a student at university, and now I am going to aim to discuss as towhy this could have a direct impact on the quality of your grade.

If you generally write down your notes by hand that is fine, but the MacBook Pro has a few advantages over someone who writes by hand.

Firstly, you can make your notes clearer, generally speaking when you read font (size 14 Arial has been proven to be the easiest to read font) you can read and gain the information faster, as you aren't having to decipher what certain words mean if they are illegible .

You also have the ability to quickly correct notes, you can easily fix things like spelling mistakes, grammar errors etc. Where as with hand written notes you have, re-write the notes again, which is essentially wasting time.

By making notes on the Mac you also have the ability to insert large information (notes, images, videos) fast, either from the internet or from another resource which you can then revise from, this would be almost impossible to conduct by hand or at the very least it would be extremely time consuming.

You have numerous tools to make your notes more effective. You can change the font type, change the size of the font, highlight text, add images - you can do a whole range of things to improve the effectiveness of the note page for when it comes to revision. Which would take an age to do by hand - not to mention the likely mistakes that you can't simply correct in a matter of seconds.

There is also the mobility factor, as I mentioned above all you are carrying is a small laptop that weighs approximately 4 and a half pounds, even lighter if you were to get the MacBook Air, and then when you compare that to that several ever growingfolders that could weigh up 5 pounds each,  I know which option I would rather take to have to carry around with me all day. (Make sure you get a protective cover for the MacBook pro 13 inch also). You could reduce that a whole lot further if you were to just save the files onto a pen drive and this is all you would need to carry with you if you could get access to the university's computers.

Then you also have to consider, how quickly can you take down notes, if you are able to touch type which many of the general youth of today pretty much are thanks to social networking sites. Then taking notes down on a computer can be a lot faster and efficient compared to taking it down by hand. Even if you mostly participate in quantitative lectures there are apps out there that are perfect to quickly take down notes and formulae.

Presentation of data, again like I mentioned above with all the applications that the  Mac has to offer you could really stand out from the crowd with how you present your work and how sophisticated it can actually be. 

Again, I haven't mentioned all the potential points, but if you have any more please mention them below in the comment box. 

Essentially from the above what I am stating is that you are not only freeing up time, that can then be used to carry out further study and hence improve the chances of getting the top grades. But you are also making your revision potentially more effective by being able to make your notes more efficient and produce better quality work that could be submitted in.

You may also argue that pretty much all the points above can be done on a normal laptop, however as I have stated before what makes the MacBook Pro 13.3 inch special is that it can do all this fast, it will last, it is mobile, it is compatible etc. So in essence when compared to a normal laptop by using a Macbook pro 13.3 inch you are essentially saving even more time, which can then be invested into even more study and the notes you produce and work are to an even higher quality.