Leggings have come back into fashion in the past two years. I recall looking at photographs of personalities in the 80s, donning tight leggings and I never genuinely fully understood what the popularity was about.

Right until a couple of years ago, that leggings came back in style and so I started noticing they really look really good on most people, when worn correctly. Next, I tried some on personally, and since that time I've believed leggings to be one of the most comfy outfit ever. Put aside the so called comfy trousers; leggings I do believe are really a whole lot better. They are just plain light, comfy, give you a sufficient amount of support in the places you require it, and most of all leave simply no buttons or jean pocket bumps showing: all things are smoother as it should really be.

While leggings are incredibly comfortable, that will look very fashionable when teamed up with the correct pieces of clothes and accessories, they can also look horribly wrong and most of all unflattering, if worn in the wrong way. Allow me to explain feel leggings really should not be worn, and why.

Never Put Them On As Typical Pants
Ok, I really believe this may confuse a few of you out there, because essentially leggings really are a different kind of 'trousers' just like skinny jeans and capris are for example. I mean that you simply cannot treat leggings as regular pants. Since leggings must be very tight, so they often show your bulges, hug tightly to the bottom, and more often than not they have a tendency to gather in between your legs when you're standing up, giving you the notorious (not to mention unflattering) 'camel-toe' effect.

Now although these are generally factors of leggings you definitely do not want to display, it does not mean you can't wear leggings altogether. What it means is basically that you shouldn't wear leggings with low waist shirts or tops. Virtually any tops that hits right around the waist, and which would have otherwise looked nice with a pair of denim jeans, can't be worn with leggings!

Leggings are made to be worn with longer tops, oftentimes called tunic tops. This ensures that those unappealing bumps, are kept covered up. The tunic top can also help to provide a flattering silhouette for your appearance, and puts emphasis on exposing your legs, that is what precisely leggings should do.

To further enhance your look I suggest wearing leggings with at least a little kitten heel, this puts emphasis on your ankle, elongating your leg, to provide you with a slimmer look. Of course if you are wearing your leggings in wintertime, you can absolutely put them on with heeled boots. Definitely a sexy look!

So, the single thing you need to promise to yourself you won't ever, ever do, is wear leggings are regular jeans. It will ensure you constantly look great and trendy in your leggings!