Just like any detail of a wedding preparation, the wedding cake has to complement the theme or mood of the celebration as well as look amazing.

One cannot have a flamboyant cake design on a simple and casual beach affair, nor can you display a cake with a minimalist design for a fairy tale inspired wedding party. It just wouldn't look right.

Choosing the wedding cake design is therefore equally important with choosing the perfect wedding dress for your big day. Plus, all your guests will be focused on the cake during the cake eating ceremony.

Being the centerpiece of the wedding reception, the wedding cake has to be the embodiment of the entire celebration. It has to have the look and feel of the wedding itself. You want to make sure it suits your personality perfectly.

It is important that the wedding cake design is chosen by both the bride and the groom in order for it to reflect the couple's sense of style, since this sense of style will most likely be seen in the rest of the wedding accessories as well. The design should also complement the main entree that will be served during the reception.

Fun-loving couples who are planning to have a wacky wedding need not worry as the designs for wedding cakes have increased in variety over the years.

There is now virtually no limit to the designs that a good cake provider can create for you. Some cake designers can even imitate the bride's wedding dress design to create a more balanced and elegant appeal.

While most wedding cakes have white frosting, you don't need to be limited to this. I mean, your dress is already white so why not use some color on the cake?

For a simpler approach, you can also opt to have a basic cake design, making the cake uniquely yours only by choosing a more personalized accent or topper.

Before you get carried away in choosing the perfect design for your cake, remember to always work within the budget you have set.

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