If you are part of a wedding entourage, looking for a dress is usually not a problem; the couple usually provides the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. But, what if you are only an invited guest?

What should you wear to the wedding party? Is it important to wear a dress that goes with the wedding motif?

Is there an acceptable length for a wedding guest's dress? These are just some of the questions you need to answer when hunting for the perfect wedding party dress.

First off, one must take into account the time that the wedding is taking place and the general mood of the party. Short dresses or suits are acceptable for a daytime wedding and you might want to add a hat or glove if the affair is formal.

For informal or semi-formal evening weddings, short cocktail dresses are the norm while long cocktail dresses are more acceptable for formal evening wedding parties.

For ultra-formal weddings, whether held in the evening or during the day, it is best to wear a long gown with extra glitz such as diamonds, furs, and the like.

If the invitation does not specify whether the party is formal or not, stay safe with a soft floral dress for a daytime event and your "little black dress" for anything after 6p.m.

There are, of course, some dos and don'ts in choosing a wedding party dress. Most important is to never wear white. There are too many colors to choose from for you to even think of competing with the bride.

It is okay to wear black in an ultra-formal evening affair, but never during daytime. Wear something feminine, but not overly sexy.

Weddings will never be complete without the grandmothers and aunts, and it wouldn't do for a guest to offend the elders. Wear long gloves only with sleeveless or strapless gowns. When eating or drinking, remember to take off your gloves.

Keep these tips in mind when you prepare for your next wedding party and hopefully, you will be able to stay away from the list of wedding booboos.