How many women feel inadequate and would love to be everything to every member of their families. The conception that perfection is not possible is only for those who are not willing to try. You might be confronted with the question, what is perfection? It is relative and it has a lot to do with satisfaction. If you feel satisfied, you feel perfect. At times people say things like, that painting is perfect. It basically means you are happy with the end result. Now if you were to take that analogy and relate it to being the perfect woman. How do you achieve perfection as a woman without losing your mind? How do you make sure people around you love you without feeling the need to compete? There are a few things that can be helpful if you already grasp the idea of perfection. In the 40s and the 50s a perfect wife would be a mother who has a clean house, have respectable and well behaved children, has a husband who loves and respect her and vice versa. She was a woman who doesn't get involved with other local women just to gossip about others. She was willing to help others and participated in the life of the community. That is all there is to what it was to be a perfect wife and woman. Times have changed and women have moved on. With that change comes along other criteria for measuring a woman's perfection. Modern woman is different and has other aspiration to her counterpart of the 40s and the 50s. That being said, the basic need of women and achieving perfection have not shifted. The needs are considered differently but the aim is still the same. You want to achieve perfection. Technology has come to the aid of the modern woman. It is a blessing and at times technology has also proven to be a curse. Let us look at perfect in the 21st century:

perfect familyChildren: Back in the 40s and 50s it was important to have children in order to be a perfect woman. That is not the case today. However, having children today is much more difficult than in the past. I should rephrase, raising children is more difficult today than in the past. Part of the problem today is linked to the way we live. In the 40s and 50s people live closely together and the family unit was tighter. It was easy for women to get help with raising the children from family members. The world has become an even more selfish place to live in. If you have children, you have to deal with them alone. No one is willing to take over part of your responsibility. Not even your mother. How times have changed and unfortunately not for the better. The moral decline the world is now facing makes it a big challenge for women to raise their children in a good environment conducive to achieving perfection and success. You would think technology would help the modern woman in child rearing. Television can babysit for you but the consequences will be devastating.

In order to be successful at raising your children, you need to make sure you are marrying the appropriate husband. No matter how good you might be with your children, sharing the burden with your partner is a key to success. Single parenting might be fashionable but it is a tough call. If you are satisfied with the job you've done to raise your children to adulthood, you have achieved perfection. There is nothing more you could do.

Home : Modern women find it easier to have a house, but a perfect home is difficult to achieve. Often people say a house is not a home. Some women are ashamed of their homes. It is a disgrace and unkempt. The reason for this is not because women now work outside the home, it mostly has to do with organization and laziness. It is an organizational problem because some women refuse to share the workload with their children and husband. Perfection comes with delegating and coordinating. If you train your tribe to do the work well, you will achieve satisfaction hence, perfection.

Job: Stay at home mummy, is not that fashionable these days. However, you could still achieve perfection either as a stay at home mother or as a mother that works outside the home. You need to be balance and not exalt one over the other. Are you satisfied with your situation? Maybe? You need to know as it will contribute to your happiness and help you achieve that feeling of perfection. You cannot live in the shoes of another woman. Everyone is different and there is no point in comparing yourself to someone else. If you are not satisfied with your situation, then ask yourself, what have I done to change it? You might actually be better off with your current situation. You probably just don't know it yet until you decide to change. Remember, change isn't always a good thing. If it is not broken don't fix it. If you've already achieve a relatively good level of satisfaction, learn to appreciate it even more.

perfect fatherHusband: This is a difficult one. Achieving perfection with regards to your spouse can be a test. You have to deal with your emotions and try as much as possible to make the decision with your head. You want satisfaction not at the beginning alone but for as long as you both shall live. If he already has a tendency to be violent, inconsiderate, selfish, whiner, mummy's boy, unfaithful, lazy etc, You will do well to stay clear because these traits will definitely rub you of your satisfaction. There is no way you will achieve perfection with a loser. It is not going to happen and you will only end up disappointed. If you've found a good one then keep him. That is perfection.

Friends: This is a double edge sword. It cuts both ways and you have to get it right. Not everyone who laughs with you is your friend and not everyone who tells you the truth is your enemy. Choose wisely and don't be afraid to dump any so called friends who are only trouble. It is your life and the more you are selective with regards to your friends, the easier your life will be and the easier it will be to achieve perfection.