As of the newest expansion, Cataclysm, the World of Warcraft has changed dramatically when it comes to pets. Some of you may not know exactly what I’m talking about when I say pets, so let me explain. There are number of different races and classes that somebody can choose to be within the MMORPG of World of Warcraft. One of those classes is the Hunter.

The Hunter class is special in that they are allowed to tame and possess a number of different types of animals (pets) to help them in their battles. This is great because the Hunter can stand back and shoot his/her gun or bow while the pet is up close to the target and doing damage as well. As you can see, this is one way that proves that pets are quite necessary if you’re going to choose to be a Hunter. But as of the third expansion, Cataclysm, the pets in the World of Warcraft have changed. And not only the pets themselves, but how things work as a Hunter in relation to their pets. So let’s get into it. But first, if you’d like to read Part 2 of this Hunter pet series, click here.

Starter Pets

If you decide to roll a Hunter, then you will now begin your journey with a starter pet at Level 1. Each Hunter race has a specific starter pet that they get and that pet will be your only pet until you reach Level 10 and can start taming other types of animals.

Starter pets are completely different than normal pets due to the fact that you can’t control them. They are automatically set on Defensive and Follow. This is good in that you don’t have to worry about that until you get the ability of Control Pet at Level 10. You also do not need to feed your pet during the first 9 levels.

You can rename your starter pet like that of any normal pet and the starter pet will hold agro pretty well. It’s always better for a Hunter to have a pet. You can also stable this starter pet, but you’ll never be able to Abandon Pet until you reach Level 10. 

At Level 10, you will learn these skills:

  • Control Pet
  • Tame Beast
  • Dismiss Pet
  • Feed Pet
  • Beast Lore

If you actually decide to change factions or races after you’ve created your Hunter, your starter pet is not affected. You will continue to possess the same pet you began with. So if you started as a Night Elf, you would have started with a White Saber Tiger. If you changed your faction to Troll, you would continue to possess the White Saber Tiger. This will lead to many of your new factions members asking you where you got that cool pet.

How to Choose the Best Pet for You

It really doesn’t matter what pet you choose at Level 10, you will always get a quality pet that does what it’s designed to do. But what about you? You are different than other players, so how do you get the best pet that fits your personality, skill set, and what you will attempt to accomplish during the game?

First, decide what type of roll you want your pet to play. Do you want your pet to be a Tank for you? Do you want a pet to do more damage? Or how about a pet that helps you to level much faster? There are many ways to look at pet skills when deciding which one to choose. You could even decide by the simple look of the pet. Some people do. So what do you want out of your pet? 

Then you’ll have to decide which of the three talent trees that work with your desires. Here are the three different types of pets that you can choose and what each is good for.

 1.    Cunning

    Cunning pets are excellent at PvP because of their mobility and utility. They are great choices for battlegrounds, but can also be a solid choice for soloing as well. These pets are quite flexible in their abilities and strengths. Some of these pets include:

    • Bats
    • Birds of Prey
    • Dragonhawks
    • Chimaeras
    • Monkeys
    • Serpents
    • Spiders
    • Wind Serpents
    • And more

    2.    Ferocity

      These pets are skilled in dealing high amounts of damage. The ferocity pets are great for raids and groups, as well as PvP by killing off enemies quite quickly. A few of these include: 

      • Cats
      • Wolves
      • Core Hounds
      • Devilsaurs
      • Dogs
      • Foxes
      • Wasps
      • Raptors
      • Hyenas
      • And more

      3.    Tenacity

        Tenacity pets have great capability in staying alive. They are strong and can, at times, be a strong Tank for small groups, and especially when soloing. Here’s a small list of a couple tenacity pets:

        • Turtles
        • Gorillas
        • Bears
        • Beetles
        • Scorpids
        • Rhinos
        • Worms
        • Boars
        • Crabs
        • And more

        Now that Hunters have the ability to choose 5 different pets, you may consider choosing a variety of these. If you are more interested in getting to Level 85, then you may find it quite helpful to have a Tenacity pet. If you are excited about spending most of your time in the battlegrounds, then either the Ferocity or the Cunning pets are for you. 

        Then decide upon their personality. Each pet family has its own features and quirks. The crocolisk has a problem with breathing loudly. The bat’s wings are huge and may get in the way at times; but you must decide which you would choose by way of how these pets act and look. I personally love the idea of having a really cool looking pet.


        Now that you’ve had a little taste of a few different features that are found in choosing a pet and what you begin with in Cataclysm, go on your journey and have a great time testing and trying a bunch of these different pets and finding the perfect one for you. There are many more things that have changed in this last patch, so check out Part 2 of this series.