Philips Inc.

Philips has been in the consumer electronics business since 1891. Their products range from appliances to hygiene and from entertainment to medical equipment. They're also a major manufacturer of portable DVD players and are known to produce quality mobile entertainment for their customers. With the Blu-ray format in a prime position to succeed the older DVD technology, they've introduced a dual-screen portable Blu-ray player that'll suit families trying to transition from one format to the other. If your home theater has already surpassed the proverbial "Joneses", then why not step up your in-car entertainment with the latest format and technology? The family we love to hate will never see it coming.

blu ray player


This Blu-ray enabled device doubles as a dual-screen portable DVD player since it can play both formats. Enjoy watching movies in full HD with 1080p resolution so your kids won't miss a single thing. They might've seen Toy Story 3 in the back of your minivan once before, but have they actually seen it with the improved picture quality your minivan theater will have equipped with the PB9011? And don't forget to invite the Jones' kids over so they can be gripped with awe as all 1080 pixels overload their corneas!

Battery Life

This device can be mounted to your headrests and will display all 9 inches of crystal clear entertainment for 3 straight hours. Extend that an extra 2 hours for a total of five if used individually. And besides Blu-ray or DVD movies, these car Blu-ray players can also output your Divx, MP4, MOV, WMV and H.264 files with your flash drive inserted into the USB port. This is better than the Sirius Backseat TV service as you won't have to pay a monthly subscription. Even though it might be a little pricey, it'll still be better than having to pay a recurring charge month after month.

The Looks

As far as style is concerned, the design itself isn't going to wow anyone. They're black (the default color of most electronics) and square shaped with the speakers at the bottom. They've basically followed the same design pattern as their older DVD player counterparts, just with upgraded internal features. Cables come out from below the master screen and insert into the left side of the slave screen. Just hiding the cable behind the device should keep it looking nice and neat. Also, Philips offers multi-lingual options to accommodate most nationalities.

Kinda Pricey

The Philips PB9011 out of the gate is an expensive little gadget. It was priced at around 400 bucks when it was revealed at the 2011 CES. But as time passes and more products are sold, expect the price to be a bit more reasonable. There are plenty of portable Blu-ray players out in the market right now (Panasonic being the first to treat the mobile Blu-ray player market), so there are definitely other options. But since Philips is pretty handy with electronics and their portable media players, you probably won't go wrong by choosing their PB9011. So don't  pass them up just yet, they are worth taking another look at.