Philips is a leading company in the portable DVD player market. They offer a wide selection of dual screen DVD players and individual DVD players that are affordable and provide high quality to their customers. The product in this article is a 9 inch portable DVD player with model number PD9000/37. Although the Blu-ray format is slowly but surely taking over in place of DVD discs, people still have a lot of DVD movies they want to enjoy. And unless you have the time and money to replace your entire DVD library, you most likely will keep your collection and simply buy new movies in the Blu-ray format. To help with the transition though, companies manufacture Blu-ray players that will play DVD discs as well. But for a kid (or yourself), if you want to save money on the less expensive DVD movies, then a portable DVD player is the way to go. Kids usually aren't too concerned with mind-blowing image quality and other technical features that portable Blu-ray players offer, they'll be happy with a DVD player that works and is easy to use.

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The Philips PD9000/37 is a nice little portable DVD player with a white and black design. The 9 inch portable DVD player TFT LCD screen and 5 hour battery life will have your kids entertained the whole way to Disney World. Beyond being able to play various DVD and CD formats (DVD+/-RW, SVCD, VCD), but it's a Divx Certified portable DVD player meaning you can view your downloaded movies from Divx and watch them via a USB flash drive. This is obviously a lot better than carrying a bunch of discs around with you, a simple thumb drive you can fit in your pocket can carry a trip-load worth of movies both too and from your destination. Many customer reviews on Amazon enjoy the dependability and quality this DVD player offers.

Price and other Features

Very affordable as it's been marked-down. And often times when you buy something low-cost you have to worry about defective units, but most people haven't complained about anything malfunctioning. There's nothing about the style to really get excited about, which is why it'll suffice for a child, but if you're not all that concerned about how your portable DVD player looks and you just want it to work, then the PD9000/37 has you covered. A car mount is included with this product along with a remote control. The player itself isn't that heavy at only 2.8 pounds, so even if you didn't have the headrest, it wouldn't be too big of a burden to have it sitting on your lap.

More Features

Another feature is power resume which allows you to start right back where you left off in a movie if the power was abruptly shut off. It also comes with AC and car adapters if your trip happens to take longer than five hours. The audio quality is good and no complaints on picture. You can play your MP3 CDs with stereo sound when you've watched all the movies you've brought along. This device will also play any NTSC or PAL DVD discs might have if traveling internationally.

The Risks and Benefits

Some Philips portable DVD players are more popular than others. Just a heads up though, there are a few negative reviews on this device, but by no means is this the worst portable DVD player around. Yes it's inexpensive (one of the least expensive 9 inch DVD players out there), so manufacturing material won't be top-notch, but with the wealth of positive reviews I don't think you'd go wrong with give the PD9000/37 a shot.