Just when you thought you had seen everything along comes a completely legitimate keyboard made specifically for your stereotypical blonde bimbo. Can a keyboard get any dumber? Definitely, this all pink keyboard comes equipped with stupid blonde acronyms on certain keys as well as new stupid names for buttons.

Some examples of the new keys:
Space bar = The Big One
Enter = Yes! I want it
Backspace = Oops
Pink Keyboard For Blondes
Now I can think of exactly zero useful reasons why any blonde woman would need to have this keyboard, but conveniently the website selling this pink novelty has supplied us a lovely top 10 reasons to have one.

Top 10 Reasons to buy a Blonde Keyboard

10. You do use a keyboard. Why not get the best one!
9. Paris Hilton doesn't have one.
8. Helloooo! It's the coolest gift of the season!
7. Matches your lipstick.
6. Excuse for a cute guy in the office to talk to you.
5. Excuse for a cute girl in the office to talk to you. Guys, Get the point!
4. Manifests your sense of humor: brains with beauty, and this is hard?
3. Angelina Jolie is adopting one.
2. A great way to say "Bye-Bye" to your old boring keyboard
1. Bruce Wayne has one in the bat cave. (Pink goes perfectly with black... Draw no lifestyle conclusions)
1. A very important and glamorous thing to have
1. Better looking than some co-workers
1. Use as a barter at some gas stations

If I was personally trying to sell a completely useless novelty item, I'm sure I could come up with a better top 10 list. Honestly, what the hell does the bat cave have to do with a pink keyboard?

If you want to pick up one of these keyboards designed specifically for the blonde in you, you can buy one here.