Pitch Perfect was the big surprise movie of 2012. It wasn't a blockbuster movie like High School Musical, Hairspray or even Footloose. It was an original script adapted from a book about acappella in University. The first trailers came out during the summer with a lot of anticipation for a release in Autumn.

A movie relying a lot on music and dance need a very good preparation from the production team, the actors and the crew. Then it's always better with a very good script, which screenwriter Kay Cannon delivered. She was a 30 Rock writer so you can trust that she has had to impress Tina Fey as a writer. A stamp of approval that any writer can only hope for. The characters feel real and all have that little something that make them relatable and interesting. I actually cannot tell who is my favorite because they are all very complementary.


Pitch Perfect
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A movie that I cannot stop watching. It is funny as hell and so entertaining that I can always count on my roommate or some friends to watch it with me.

The movie build a loyal fanbase and the bit that Anna Kendrick performed as Becca for her audition to join an acappella group went viral. It was actually based on a viral Youtube video from Lulu and the Lampshades (now called the Lampshapes) that Anna Kendrick watched and learnt the song from. Thanks to the Pitch Perfect exposition, more people learnt the song and a lot of videos made their way to the internet showing off a lot of talent from people all around the world.

Following the success of the movie and the sales of the soundtrack of the motion picture, the producers made Anna Kendrick record a more produced version of the track. Then, as a thank you to the millions of fans who put their own videos of the cup song (hence participating in promoting the movie worldwide), some lucky cup players were chosen to be extras in the official video of the song. The rule to be able to participate was that they could play the cups without any mistake throughout a whole day of shooting.

The video is an interesting take on the lyrics of the song while incorporating the extras in a very clever way. Some people were really impressive in how they adapted the moves into a new choreography while keeping the rhythm perfect. Youtube is not only a place where people waste a lot of time (don't worry, it's still procrastination heaven) but also a place where people can showcase their talent. The story is about a waitress who dreams about leaving her job and go travel the world. It's not related to Pitch Perfect at all and it makes it stand alone on its own which is an interesting move from the producers' part.

The world is full of happy accidents. From the moment Anna Kendrick learnt that song for her own entertainment to the making of Pitch Perfect and back to the internet. 

This is a fun song to play and you can impress your friends and family anywhere as long as you have a cup. There's always someone with a coffee cup around you. Don't forget to rinse it before performing or you'll be in for a treat (read laundry night). The rythm is pretty simple once you get it and is highly effective on anyone who does not know how to do it.