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The Pizza Farm is in Davis, California and is one of the places to travel in America. The whole concept of the Pizza Farm is that it is meant to show city kids where their food comes from and teach them about how farms work.

School groups can put out a request to have a field trip to the Pizza Farm and bring the kids from the school to learn about farms and this makes the Pizza Farm one of the great California sites to visit.

What do Visitors to the Pizza Farm See?

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The Pizza Farm provides tours for school kids and they get to come on a field trip to experience it. The Pizza Farm is uniquely shaped like a circle and meant to resemble a pizza that is cut into eight different pieces. Each “piece” is a section of the Pizza farm and forms the area where the products that go into creating real pizzas are grown or raised.

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For instance, one of the eight sections is a place for dairy cows to live and they are where the milk comes from that you need to make cheese for your pizzas. Another of the eight pieces of the pizza puzzle include a section for growing fresh tomatoes for making pizza sauce, wheat to make the pizza crust and dough, and other sections for growing vegetables or raising animals that contribute things for creating the delicious pizzas that most kids love.

How are Pizza Farm Trips Organized?

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Visitors to the Pizza Farm first are presented with a 15 minute lecture in a classroom to talk about agriculture and what it means. Then, they all get to go out to actually experience and touch and interact with the animals, plants and other items on the Pizza Farm. Plus, this place also teaches the kids about other things like food safety, conserving water and other resources, pest control, how weather affects the Pizza Farm activities, and how they can actually have a career in the field of agriculture.

It is a very entertaining, as well as educational experience that most kids will love. They are learning things that are important about how foods they like to eat are grown, processed and made. The kids will even get to eat a delicious lunch consisting of course of pizza!

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The teachers will be given a kit to use in their classrooms to teach more about the world of agriculture. The whole experience is a very different way of teaching city kids about things the normally would not get to see or experience. Most of them only know that they go to the store or restaurant to get their meals, and this gives them a chance to know all the work that goes into growing, raising and making the foods.

After the kids and teachers get the tour of the Pizza Farm, they have a better understanding of not only agriculture, but also of all the hard work and dedication that it takes just to get a simple pizza into their hands so they can enjoy eating it and some of their other favorite meals. If you want to have your classroom experience the Pizza Farm, then you should contact their customer support for more information.