Odd man out

The Playstation vs Xbox battle will rage on between gamers for years to come. They each have their positives and negatives, and with this being a competitive capitalist market, you can bet that improvements will keep coming steady. They've both recently gotten into the motion sensing craze that the Wii started - Xbox with its Kinect and the Playstation Move. Time will tell though which one is superior. The Wii, by the way, had been left without competition for awhile with its unique style of game play and the family friendly games they provide. They sort of squeezed inside a niche market within the overall gaming industry with motion sensing. The Xbox and Playstation are more for conventional gamers from casual to hardcore, while the Wii is in a totally different ballpark, yet still leading the pack. When the Playstation 3 came out, it lagged behind the Xbox and Wii, but now it's starting to gain ground thanks to lower prices and many features.

xbox 360 controllerCredit: josh smith

The feud

Playstation owners boast about free online game play which, even though the console itself is a bit more expensive, will end up being the cheapest between the two if you consistently play online. Xbox owners love the superior graphics, even if it's just an iota better, and popular game titles like Halo and Gears of War. But for most people, the winner of the game console war will most likely be price. The Wii was the last to be released but the most popular. One can deduce that from the low price tag attached to it. And of course with the Playstation being the most expensive, it was last place among the three when it came to sales. Now though, the Playstation has relaxed off its high price horse and is now edging up behind the Xbox in terms of sales.

High costs of PS3

Because of the high initial costs and low sales (you can thank Blu-ray for that), Sony had just begun making money with the console back in June of 2010. They slimmed it down, increased storage capacity and, more importantly, decreased the cost. If Sony takes a lesson from the 2006 launch of the PS3, they'll maintain a routine of competitively priced consoles for future generations. So if an Xbox fan is using the poor PS3 launch as evidence of which console is better, bring to mind the price difference and ensure to him that if the Xbox were as expensive, they'd be trying to gain ground too right about now.

playstation controllerCredit: aLPHa_LeaK

Pick your battles

Alternatively, if they start going on about better graphics, then you'll have to concede. There are tons of comparison articles and side-by-side shots of how the Xbox is a little better visually than the PS3. You'll find in numerous positive Xbox 360 Slim reviews of all the neat specifications and new technology that makes this the case. For some, it may be worth the monthly costs of online game play, but if you weren't interested in playing online, then the Xbox 360 would win out over the PS3 hands down. Lower costs, better graphics and better games (some argue), give this console an advantage. But since there's so much fun to be had online, it's almost a crime to not have internet access when owning one of these consoles.


The Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360 debate will continue to wage on. In order for each to be weighed on equal ground, they'd have to have the same pricing. But that isn't an easy thing to come by, so it'll just be left to personal preference. It's still an interesting debate that dedicated gamers on each side will continue to engage. Either way, this capitalist system give us, the consumer, the advantage as we as a whole make the final word.

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