One of the best things about playing guitar is all of the accessories that you get to buy. No other instrument has the tremendous assortment of additional parts to change its look, feel, and sound. These range from effects pedals that can change the tone of the guitar into just about anything, including synthesizer pedals that can make the guitar sound like a piano or any other instrument, to guitar cases, straps, and pickup rings that just make your instrument look better. This article will talk about a few different guitar accessories that any guitar player should consider obtaining.

The first accessory that most players will want to invest in is a guitar effects pedal. There are an incredible amount of pedals available that can give you all sorts of effects. These will provide the biggest audible change to your instrument and give you a lot of new capabilities. For the most variety in the smallest and cheapest form, you will want to get a multi effects pedal. These pedals contain many different types of guitar effects in a single unit. You should look for one that comes with an expression pedal, which can really add some new dynamics to your playing through volume swells and other effects. If you do not feel ready for a multi effects pedal, you may want to check out some distortion and overdrive pedals, or just get a nice delay pedal.

Guitar effects pedals are a great way to add some new flavor to your sound, but there are many other accessories in the market to increase the appeal of your instrument. The separate parts of your guitar can be upgraded, including the pickups, pickup rings, tuning pegs, and bridge. Getting these parts swapped out for newer and higher quality parts can change a standard guitar into a top of the line instrument. Some of these changes may require professional installment, but if you are good with woodworking and basic electrical repairs, you may be able to handle all of these upgrades yourself.

Another overlooked area of the guitar is the guitar strap. For my money, the best guitar straps to get are leather guitar straps. These have a high quality look and feel that goes well with most types of guitars, especially guitars that have a natural wood look. In addition to their great look, leather guitar straps also have nice durability, which can be important when you have an expensive guitar that you do not want to fall on the ground. Leather guitar straps can come in custom styles from many online sources and if there is a leather worker in your area, chances are that they could fashion one for you as well.

Leather guitar straps, multi effects pedals, new pickups, and other guitar accessories can improve your instrument and are fun to collect and obtain in general. They make the guitar an ever-changing instrument and keep things interesting for players. If you own a guitar that you are not quite happy with, keep in mind that there are several guitar accessories that you should be able to find to make it more into the guitar of your dreams.