Back in the 1950s, the poodle skirt was all the rage with teenage girls. Imagine the excitement of a young gal wearing her new garment to the high school sock hop. Her hair neatly combed in a ponytail with a bright bow as she proudly wears her new flowy frock with a crisp white cotton blouse, bleached white socks, and her best pair of Saddle shoes. I'm sure she must have felt peachy keen in her new outfit! 

What a blast as the young lady with the new skirt walks into the high school gymnasium. The gym, normally filled with sweaty smelly boys playing sports, is decorated with colorful balloons, streamers, and large-bright-welcoming signs. A big punchbowl sits on a table full of punch, and, in addition, there are cookies and other goodies for the kids to enjoy. This scenario is a story from the 50s, after all. 

As the evening continues, the teen is over-the-moon with excitement as she and her friends (all wearing poodle skirts) talk about the latest gossip . . . and the boys at the dance.  Of course, they all chatter while bopping their heads to the music being played by a live band. The young woman's excitement turns into pure giddiness when the cute boy she's been flirting with walks over and asks her to dance. She is now feeling like she is floating on air as she dances and twirls her new skirt to the latest hits. High school dances were the bee's knees back in the 50s!

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The Poodle Skirt

Peachy Keen

Fast forward 55-60 years later: A woman is going through some old clothes to give to her granddaughter's high school fundraiser. The woman comes across an old poodle skirt. She immediately remembers that special dance, and all of a sudden a myriad of old and wonderful feelings come back. She thinks about how she felt when she first wore the skirt and how she shimmied with her high school sweetheart to the latest tunes. The memories are priceless, and while she's not quite ready to depart with her garb just yet, she knows it will bring someone else wonderful memories, and it’s time to let go.


A 50s Fashion Trend

The iconic poodle skirt was designed by a young woman in her twenties by the name of Juli Lynne Charlot. At the time, she didn't know a lot about sewing but she was fashion conscious. She made her now famous skirt by taking a large piece of felt material and cutting a full circle skirt without seams, and as a final touch she added a decorative embellishment to her skirt. 

Charlot liked the skirt so much that she made a few more and showed them to a boutique owner in Beverly Hills who agreed to put them in her shop. They sold-out immediately and the boutique asked for more skirts, this time with a dog adornment and later with poodles. The frock was a hit, and soon major department store chains were ordering these skirts. By the time Charlot was 24, she was a successful business owner and designer. Although she designed other fashionable pieces, Juli Lynne Charlot will always be known for her poodle skirts.

Host a 1950s Themed Party

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This apperal comes with a professional embroidered applique and an elastic waistband for comfort. Have fun twisting and twirling in this comfortable skirt. This wrap is a show stopper, you are sure to stand out and shine. The classic black skirt never goes out of style. You will feel just as good as you did in high school when you put on this vintage skirt.

Imagine reliving all the innocent fun of a 50s sock-hop with your friends and family, including your children, grandchildren, and perhaps even your great grandchildren! A 1950s theme party is the perfect way to show the kids how to have good wholesome fun. 

Introduce the younger guests to 50s hits like Rock Around the Clock, Yakety Yak, Blueberry Hill, Be-Bop-A-Lula, Peggy Sue, At The Hop, and many other lively tunes. Oh, and don't forget to "dress to impress" in your best poodle skirt! You can find them in several colors, so pick a favorite, then call your best girlfriends and remind them to do the same. You'll all have a ball as you relive a blast from the past dance.

A Poodle Skirt with a Twist

The Poodle Comes to Life

Kasey's Poodle Skirt
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Did you ever have a dream that the poodle from your skirt was alive? That's the basis for the story "Kasey's Poodle Skirt." In the story, Kasey wakes up and discovers the poodle (Pierre) from her skirt is a real dog. Kasey and Pierre have quite the adventure visiting lots of places but will Pierre still be a real pooch when Kasey awakes? You have to read the story to find out.

This book is a wonderful story to read to your children and grandchildren. It is a story about a poodle from a poodle skirt that comes to life. If you want to add a bit more fun to the story, give your daughters or granddaughters a poodle skirt of their own. This story is so fun that the kids will want to hear it several times. So go ahead and put your poodle skirt on with everyone else as you read this story.

A Blast from the Past


Back in the 50s the poodle skirt was so popular that every teenage girl had to have one. These skirts were all the rage for the junior high/high school crowd and on college campuses. This outfit was so popular that even some celebrities were photographed wearing them. Almost everyone had one back in the 50s. 

If you were one of those former teenyboppers, you could have a ball remembering the past. Just get out your bobby socks, saddle shoes, and foofy garb; then call a few friends and invite them over to help you relive those precious memories of innocent fun. 

Don't worry if you can't find your original attire, you can find several at local costume shops or online. For your convenience, I've put together some of the most popular skirts here, so feel free to browse. 

Do you remember what it felt like to be 16, dancing with your high school crush or sweetheart? You can feel that way again with your spouse or current love. Have a blast from the past, doing the twist and dancing the night away. You'll have a peachy keen time wearing your peachy keen poodle skirt.

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