Easter Peeps—either you love them or you hate them. Whether you enjoy them or despise them, they are the unofficial treat and mascot of Easter. Every spring those sugary marshmallow treats make their way to grocery shelves and into our homes much to our delight or disgust. In holiday spirit, here is some fun information about Peeps that is sure to strike up some great conversation at your family gathering.

Peeps for Everyone! 


Easter Peeps(44837)

Population Problem. First off, Peeps have been around since 1953 when the Just Born candy company started them in production. According to their website, they make 4.27 million Peeps a day! Yes, you read that correctly. That many Peeps are in demand all over the world every single day. Due to this overpopulation problem, it is only right to consume as many as you can.

Music. As soon as you enter the official Peeps site, music plays in the background. Note that the playful and cheerful music continues on and on until you shut the music off. However, this isn’t the only music for Peeps. There is an actual sing-a-long CD filled with 14 different songs and probably would make the perfect gift for any Easter basket. The Peeps are probably very appreciative of the residual earnings on their music since they have so many mouths to feed (see above paragraph on overpopulation problem).

Art. Peepsshow.com is the creation of David Ottogalli. This genius artist has created art using what else, Easter Peeps in every single shape and color. Ottogalli recreates are using these marshmallow treats. You’ll want to check out his gallery of pics especially, his Peep Wedding photos or the Peepholes in the StoreFront Display.

Weird Science. Researchers and scientists of cancer, diabetes and heart disease better watch out. The scientists of peepresearch.org have made amazing progress in their research of Peeps.  in Their Basic Science area shows several lab experiments, as well as some information on Peep Health. These people take their Peeps research very seriously and carefully, and as a result of this no Peeps have been unintentionally harmed.

Peeps are available in a variety of colors and holiday shapes!

Recipes. You don’t have to eat Peeps as is. You can use them in a variety of recipes. Why not use them to top cupcakes or decorate a birthday cake? What about using them as a sugar topping in your hot chocolate? You can even make delicious S’mores with them.


Easter Peeps Crafts

Crafts. You can definitely use Peeps to decorate an Easter basket, but what about a picture frame? You can easily add a punch of three-dimensional color to a frame with your favorite Easter pic inside. An Easter topiary using Peeps is also an excellent idea for table settings.

Contests. There are plenty of contests that involve Peeps if you’re interested in a little competition. There are eating contests, diorama contests and the Peeps Fido Contest. Get your game face on and join in the fun!

Celebrity Easter Peeps. With hungry mouths to feed and all the attention on Peeps, it’s only natural to go into show business. These marshmallow treats have appeared in remakes such as the Lord of the Peeps, Office Peeps, Peep Kong or The Empire Peeps Back. The Power of the Peep is just one sneak preview trailer of how Peeps have taken on a life of their own.

Whatever it is that piques our interest, Peeps are more popular than ever. These marshmallow gobs of sugar have made their way into our stomachs and our hearts.