I heard a podcast today (from HowStuffWoks) about us being in the "Post-PC Era", and how our main interactions with computers is switching from PCs (either desktops or laptops) to other type of devices such as tablets, etc.

I was not familiarized with the concept first, and I thought I could not agree with such a statement, but I realize it is true. Here are some facts that I noted about myself:

- I listen to podcasts on my blackberry (BB), and sometimes on my iPod,

- I take pictures with my digital camera (which I connect to my laptop), but more and more I'm switching to taking them with both my BB and iPod, since they are easier to share,

- I just bought a TV that connects (through WiFi) to the internet, so I can get access to Facebook, Tweeter, Blockbuster, Netflix, weather channel, and what not without a computer. Next steps I'm taking is playing movies directly by plugging a USB device to my TV and playing videos or reproducing pictures in my TV by connecting my iPod via bluetooth.

- I just wrote my first online article with my BB. I typed it, uploaded and checked on it all through my BB, and am happy to say it got accepted and well reviewed.

If you extrapolate this to the amount of people who own a tablet, an consider some of them use that tablet as their main source of computing experience, you may soon realize this is not such a crazy concept.

Of course, this does not mean PCs will go obsolete, they will continue to be used massively, but it is impossible to deny that as time passes there are other devices that offer most of the same functions and that are easier to carry around, cheaper, trendy, or for some reason more widely accepted.

Even more, the next step (or the latest step, as I think we already took it as a society) is to have those different instruments work together. For example, I started writing this article with my laptop, then it made more sense to continue by typing with my BB as I needed to be on the move, and am finishing back with my laptop. I will probably access it from my iPod when I connect, to check views and comments.

We will see where the future takes us but changes seem to be not only more constant but faster than ever before, so what is a key element or hot item now might be obsolete in just days, such as it happened with the HP Touchpad that “lasted” only 49 days between launch and HP announcement basically killing it.