With a Rome private tour, a person can see and acquire a comprehensive view of the city’s ancient history and rich culture. A tour guide that knows everything about Rome can show visitors the amazing treasures hidden beneath Rome, as well as the passion of the people who crafted these masterpieces. A knowledgeable guide can also bring guests to the finest local restaurants, so that he can have a taste not only of the city’s ancient past, but of its present-day way of life.

One important thing to remember in Italy is that only licensed tour guides can provide tours for guests. These are individuals who have passed rigorous examinations and received their professional license to perform the duties of a tour guide. This way, the government can help ensure that their guests are in trained hands. These people know all the major attractions in Rome like the back of their hand. They are also familiar with the not so popular attractions to give visitors a true insight into the life of the city. With the tour guide’s passion and love for Rome, visitors can learn to embrace this city’s atmosphere and culture.

With a private tour, visitors don’t have to stand in the long lines, and they can avoid tourist traps. Also, they are assured that a friend is always by their side guarding their safety during their visit. Because in a personal tour the only ones involved are the individual and their family, the tour can be customized to ensure that every member of the group will see and relish all the attractions in Rome without anybody interfering with their own wishes.

The highlights of most Rome private tours include the large art collections in the Vatican Museums, the magnificent architecture of the Coliseum, the countless frescos of the Sistine Chapel, and the archeological parks of the Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum. Other popular tourist destinations are the Trevi Fountain, Campidoglio, Capitoline Hill, and St. Peter's Basilica.

Visiting these sights can truly enrich the minds of tourists with valuable ideas, and their hearts with vivid emotions. Aside from visiting these tourist attractions, visitors can also take shopping tours, cooking class tours, or wine tasting tours, depending on their preference. With a customized private tour, tourists can choose their own itinerary, so that they can visit all the sights they wish to see and have a feel for the city’s passion.

With a private tour, a tourist can learn more about the culture and history of Rome. As the licensed guide creates the atmosphere of various times of Roman life, a tourist can re-experience the times when this ancient city was still inhabited by its early ancestors. Through the guide’s vivid illustration of the ancient Rome, a tourist will be able to participate in ancient ceremonies, practice rituals, eat at wedding and funeral dinners, and walk again with the ancient people in the streets.

Thus, one can enjoy a Rome private tour by having a licensed tour guide by their side. This guide can give them an overview of life in Rome, from learning and experiencing the city’s history and culture to tasting the delicious Roman delicacies and wines. Through this type of individualized tour, visitors can take a piece of Rome with them when they go back home.