There are many reasons that authors decide to sign up on Infobarrel and start contributing their articles. Some people like to write, and share what they write with others. For them, Infobarrel provides a readily available platform to showcase their work. Others are drawn to the idea of community and sharing, being able to meet new people with similar interests. Finally, some of us are drawn with the possibility of making some residual income by sharing knowledge and experiences through the form of articles. Personally, I think that all three aspects play a role in our ultimate decision to join Infobarrel. But this article will only focus on Infobarrel's earning potential, as seen from my own experience.

There are many wonderful websites out there for people looking to build residual income by writing online. Hubpages, Squidoo, Ehow and Xomba are just a few websites out there that support aspiring writers who want to make a few dimes from their work. But, having researched Infobarrel before signing up, i see that the earning potential here is much higher than in other websites. This is due to two factors. First, Infobarrel lets you earn 75%-90% of the revenue from your articles! Compare this to Hubpages, which only gives you 50%. Second, Infobarrel is a fairly new website that is rising quickly in search engine status. This means that not all of the lucrative articles are taken yet, and when Infobarrel reaches critical mass, those that came on board early stand to benefit.

Naturally, I wanted to find out the potential for earnings here on Infobarrel. Perusing over a few articles I did some of my own research. Here is what I came up with:

For every 1000 hits on their articles, a person can expect to earn between 5-15 dollars. ( Based on Google Adsense recorded hits, not from Infobarrel, whose statistics are inaccurate due to the inclusion of search engine bots and other views).

An average article gets around 2-3 hits per day on Infobarrel, and even more for a key-word targeted article with sufficient backlinks and domain age.

If one was to have 1000 Articles published on Infobarrel (which a number of authors are aiming to do soon) the author's projected earnings would be 300$-1350$. (2*5*30=300, 3*15*30=1350).

This is not bad in terms of monetary compensation. An average article can take around 20 minutes to write, and if one wrote 3 articles per day, which equates to one hour of work, it would take roughly a year to write 1000 articles. Imagine if in a year you could be earning between 300$ and 1350$ dollars monthly, without even having to do any more work. You could completely stop writing, and your earnings would still increase a bit because your articles would continue ageing.

Of course, with key-word focused and back-linked articles, you could be making even more money. But for most of us, key-words and back-links take too much time and micromanagement, so we just write. And that is perfectly normal, because in the end, Infobarrel isn't just about earnings, it's also about writing in a community of others who will appreciate your contributions.