Lucid Dreaming

The power of a lucid dream

Many people know what a lucid dream is and how to do it. Articles and youtube videos are abundant on this subject. But a topic that is not very well known is the power behind a lucid dream in growing and overcoming obstacles in your life. Lucid dreams can help us become smarter, overcome phobias and fears, and give us visions and ideas for business and life. This topic will go into greater detail on these things and how you can use lucid dreaming to better your body and your life.

How to overcome fear

Phobias and fears are prevalent in our society today. People are afraid of public speaking, fearful of heights, afraid of spiders and the list goes on. Many have gone to specialists to analyze themselves and find ways to overcome or deal with their fears and while effective there is a more efficient and cheaper method and that is lucid dreaming. There are many articles here on infobarrel and on other sites that explain how to lucid dream and what it is, so I encourage you to check those out if you don't know how to control your dreams. When you are able to be lucid in your dreams and control them, you know that you can do anything in your dreams. You can control what happens, what you can do, and how the dream plays out. So one thing you can do in your dream is conquer your fears! The thing is when we dream we are playing with our subconscious and if we are fearful of something that is a part of our subconscious. We could talk to a spider in our dream and ask it what it represents. Because we are in our subconsciouss it will tell us why it's there and how we can overcome it. I've heard of people who had a deathly fear of public speaking. So when they lucid dream they intentionally put themselves in public speaking environments because it's safe since it's not real. This enabled them to practice their fears so when the real thing came and they had to speak in front of people they had adequate experience when they were sleeping and conquered that fear. What a powerful tool that we have at our disposal!

Gathering ideas and being efficient

A lot of people who have grasped this concept of the power behind a lucid dream have used it to be efficient by doing tasks and gathering ideas. We sleep on average 8 hours a night. Think of what could be accomplished with another 8 hours of thinking of ideas. The great thing about thinking of ideas in our sleep is that while dreaming we can then put them into practice. Test out a new concept and see the results, try out a new invention and theorize what it would do, perform tasks in your dream that you want to do while awake so when you wake up they are sorted out. The list goes on, but this is a very useful way of using our sleep time to help us when we are awake. The beauty is while we are working in our dream people may ask the question about how we need to rest so working while sleeping is counter productive. The thing is we are still asleep and our body is getting the rest it needs and our dreams don't have to be stressful. Have fun while brainstorming! I like to put myself on a foreign planet while thinking because it's an amazing environment and it doesn't seem like work to do that while looking at the black star filled sky.

Using our lucid dreams to relax

Have you ever wanted to experience flying? Standing on top of Mount Everest? Float around in beautiful space? Lay on a beach in Hawaii? While these last two pieces were about doing things to better ourselves, the majority of people who engage in lucid dreaming use their dreams to relax and explore the dreams they imagine in their minds while awake. I mentioned flying and Mount Everest because this was something I thought was awesome and experienced. Standing there and then when done with the scenery taking off and flying back to the base camp. There are an unlimited amount of things you can do because this is your subconscious and imagination. When you are awake you can imagine anything, so doing it and experiencing it in a dream is just a further extension of the dream of imagination you had while awake. Use this opportunity to explore the depths of your mind and live those things in what I call "The best kind of movie theater".

Have fun!

These are just a few of the many things you can do while lucid dreaming but it's all about fun and doing what you desire to do. That's the essence of this whole idea in the first place! Do whatever you want and enjoy the experience. When you wake up you will not only be well rested because you were sleeping, but you will also feel refreshed that you had a great dream instead of how normal people dream which is just on auto pilot and whatever happens happens. Let go of reality and let your dreams come alive...literally!