I had an article earn me a lot of money recently on Examiner. Most of my traffic came from Google News. I have had a few articles get a lot of traffic from Google News.

I recently published a short article ob Bowe Bergdahl on Examiner. If you do not know who Bowe Bergdahl is you can read my article on Examiner about Bowe Bergdahl.

I wrote a quick update about an Idaho Cyclist who lives about 40 minutes from me. He is a member of the military and was captured as a POW. I wrote the article, published it and did a quick tweet about it on my Twitter account.

The following evening I checked my earnings on Examiner and was in SHOCK. I had a lot of traffic and was not sure why my earnings were so high. I checked my Bit.ly link I used for the article on Twitter and it only had a few hits so I assumed that this article was not the reason my earnings for the day were so high.

Sometimes an article that has been stagnant for months will all of a sudden receive massive traffic. I just figured it was one of my older articles was being spread around social networks. I tried in Vain to see which article was so popular. I could not figure it out. I gave up on trying to figure out where my massive traffic came from for the day. I then checked my email and did some Tweeting on Twitter.

Examiner Article Result

I went to Google and did a Google Search for Bowe Bergdahl. I truly hope this soldier can be brought home safely. I Google his name daily to see if anything new has happened. When I searched for Bowe Bergdahl the second result was my article on Examiner. Google placed the top two news results in the first part of the search results and my Examiner article was right there. It stayed there for about two days.

My article was listed on the main page of Google instead of other major media outlets such as The Associated Press, The New York Times, and the USA TODAY. I have had other breaking news topics come up first for my Google Searches before. One article I did about LeBron James made me over $50.00 in less than two days.

When I first started writing for Examiner all of my articles showed up in the Google News results. Google and Examiner has since changed the criteria for Examiner articles to be in Google News. When publishing your Examiner article you select the type of article it is. If your Examiner article is a current, breaking news story then you can select that option and your article WILL show up in the Google News search results. If you are lucky you will also get a link on the main page of Google for a day or two.

The only thing I do not like about Examiner is I have to stick to my topic. InfoBarrel allows me to write about anything I want too.