How often do you see ads for major attractions such as Disneyland? If you never seen ads for Disneyland would you still be aware of Disneyland? Of course you would and that is the power of brand awareness. Here are some of the top reasons why brand awareness is good for businesses.

Product Selection Priority

Kraft Dinner(121981)Consumers are more apt to but your product over an unknown competitor’s product. If you go on vacation to Mexico and decide you want to buy some macaroni and cheese at the local grocery store would you buy the generic Mexican brand of boxed macaroni and cheese or would you choose the iconic Kraft brand of Macaroni and Cheese. Most people in this situation would select the Kraft Brand of macaroni and Cheese.

Perceived Quality

We often associate brand awareness with quality. We assume that Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is of a higher quality then a generic brand of macaroni and cheese. In some cases the generic brands are of inferior quality; however in many other situations the name brand is of much higher quality and has less “filler ingredients”.

Brand Loyalty

We cannot have brand loyalty towards a product if we are not aware of it. Brand loyalty can cause people to argue about whether Coca Cola or Pepsi is better. A lot of time brand loyalty can be caused from products we are raised with. If you were raised eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese then you may find that you would rather go hungry then to cook up and eat a box of generic Mac and cheese.

It’s the Cheesiest!

We know Kraft Macaroni and cheese is the cheesiest because they have the slogan “It’s the Cheesiest”. This makes sense they are a premium brand that costs more than the generic brands. The thing is though that many other brands, including generic brands, are just as cheesy as the Kraft brand of Mac and Cheese. We perceive the Kraft Mac and cheese to be of a higher quality and we generally accept at face value that it is also the cheesiest brand and we accept these things because of brand awareness that help make us loyal to the brand. Would we believe a generic brand of Mac and cheese if the said on the box that “We are the Cheesiest Too”. Consumers may or may not believe that but when it comes from a market leading product such as Kraft Mac and Cheese then it is very believable.

Psychological Warfare

If we were to suddenly begin buying a generic brand when we had been buying the name brand for our entire life then it would seem like we got “ripped off” in the past every time we bought the generic brand. By constantly buying the name brand of a particular product we are able to reason within our mind that we had made the right buying decision in the past. It is hard to create brand loyalty without customers being aware of the product. Product awareness helps in all aspects of selling a product.

There is a difference between consumer awareness and product awareness but it is vital that you understand that these 2 ideas both go together. Consumer awareness may not always be positive for a brand or product. If a consumer knows that the generic grape juice is made with high fructose corn syrup instead if sugar then they may not buy the product. On the other hand a customer is much more apt to buy a product with product awareness.

Look at your shopping cart the next time you go to the grocery store and look at how many familiar brands and products there are in your shopping cart. You probably have very few to no products that you are not familiar with.

This is why grocery stores have such success in giving away samples of products in the store. These “sample ladies” help to instantly make the product awareness available and this can be the first step to building brand loyalty.

Use of Advertising

Companies such as Coca Cola have bred some amazing company awareness and product awareness over the years. Although Coca Cola is such an intricate part of our modern society they continue to advertise. Famous products such as Coca Cola continually advertise to help keep their product on our minds.

We may be loyal to buying only Coca Cola over other brands of Cola soda like Pepsi; however we may not even be thinking about buying Cola at all until we see a commercial for Coke and then we begin to think about drinking a Coca Cola and that is when we buy it.

Side benefits of major brands is the a loyal Pepsi Drinker who sees a Coca Cola commercial may end up buying Pepsi. The Coca Cola commercial reminds them of Cola and the brand they drink so they go and buy their Pepsi because of a Coca Cola commercial.

Brand awareness Swag

How many of us have ever bought shirt or other piece of apparel that had the brand name of a product imprinted across it? We are basically portable billboards for these products yet we do no t get paid to advertise for them. On the contrary we are basically paying the company to advertise for them when we buy logoed clothing with brand names across the shirt. We do this for name brand products and new products that are trying to build brand awareness. Rarely, if ever, will you see “Sam’s Town Cola” from Wal-Mart being advertised on a t-shirt. One of the huge benefits is that companies get to expand their brand awareness through the licensing of their logo to t-shirt makers. People want to wear shirts that have their favorite brand or logos on them. This is only accomplished through brand awareness and brand loyalty.

What brands are you loyal too? I would love to hear your opinions on this article in the comment section below? Are you loyal to any products? If so what are they and why do you like them?