The Nutrition of Hemp Seed

Hemp is one of the greatest sources for our nutrition of the future.  The best thing about hemp is how nutritious the seeds are, and it is a shame that it is not utilized more considering how good it is.  There are many reasons that hemp seed should be incorporated into the human diet.  For one, hemp is a very abundant crop, and when grown it can create many tons per acre.  This means that you can get a huge amount of seed from a single acre, and since farming is done on the scale of many acres, there is no reason we should not be growing it.  But just because something grows in a large quantity doesn't mean we should grow it unless there is a benefit to it, and you can bet your life that hemp has many reasons for being grown.

While there are many benefits to farming hemp, the focus of this article is on hemp seed.  The seed of hemp is packed with complete protein, lots of essential fatty acids, and many other nutritionally advantageous qualities.  It is much better to get your protein from hemp than meat because the protein is found in a more simple form, and thus your body can absorb it much more easily.  When it comes to other kinds of protein, even that found in other kinds of plants, the amino acids in hemp are the most easy to digest out of them all.  And that means for each gram of protein, you are getting more out of it than anything else.

It is simply better to have more hemp seed in your life.  You will feel better, get stronger, and have an overall better life.  And the best part is that there are so many ways to get hemp protein in your life, it is not even that difficult.  I highly suggest to everyone out there to look into the hemp resources out there, because once you have included hemp seed into your diet, you will never be able to go back ever again.  The power is just too great to ever give it up once you get it!

Do know that there are many ways that you can get hemp seed into your diet, besides just eating the raw seed.  This will ensure that you enjoy consuming it, and you do not need to just scarf it down as if it were some non-tasty health food.  Sure, if you eat spoonfuls of hemp seed alone, you may not enjoy it too much (although if you do so continuously over a couple months, eventually you will), but if you add protein powder to milk or mix hemp seed into recipes, it will be all good.