High potency fish oils are in fact the omega 3 source of choice all over the world. The reason for this is that it works well on everybody. It's as simple as taking two capsules a day which will leave any one feeling revived and energetic as well as avoiding most illnesses altogether. These are the highest grade of fish oil intake that is available on the market today.

There are however some products that claim to be fish oil extract but these products have undergone an extensive preparation process during which most of the essential omega 3 traces are diluted which leaves the omega 6 particles to flourish. These are also good for the body but only to a certain extent and only if taken in conjunction with actual omega 3 products. A medical professional should be consulted before undergoing the use of high intake of fish oil minerals.

Most high potency fish oils that are tested and proven to work are products that contain EPA or DHA. If these two types of fatty acids are not available, the product will not have the stated medical health benefits and as a result are absolute. When referring to a high potency fish oil, one is actually referring to the amount of content of these two types of omega 3 are in the mentioned form of medication. The omega 3s in fish oil are recommended by the American Heart Association, the Alzheimer's Foundation, the American Eye Institute, the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority as our bodies can not naturally produce this type of mineral.

One should however always try to steer clear of products that claim to have mixed omega content. These products are a waste as there are not a high enough content of omega 3 per serving in order to make a difference and you will surely be disappointed. In a recent study at Harvard University regarding the top causes of death, omega deficiency has been declared to be number six on that list as the deficiency could lead to serious conditions.

High potency fish oils are essential in our daily lives as a separate supplement intake. The reason for this is that the FDA and other institutions have claimed that in order to have the perfect level of omegas in the system in order for it to become healthy is between two thousand and three thousand mg per day. The problem is that at this point, any average daily intake of meals will only contain up to a maximum of two hundred milli grams. This means that our bodies are severely deficient and will become even more so if something drastic is not done about this.

Other products may be added to the daily diet to include omega 3's but there still would not be even close to enough to ensure that there are no deficiencies. The sound of fish oil alone can sometimes be disgusting but rest assured that there are several other methods of intake than just fish oil. One such method and the most commonly preferred is the use of capsules. These capsules are said to contain up to one thousand milli grams of omegas and therefore two or three capsules a day should definitely take care of the balance.

Flavored high potency fish oils are also available. Although there are several flavors available, some are preferred for their overwhelming ability to disguise the awful taste of the oil itself. Rest assured that even though the flavorants are mostly artificial, tests have proven them not to have any effect on the power of the fish oil.

The oil in drinking form is also not quite as efficient as that found in capsules. In an overall study on the effects of omega 3s on the human health and body as well as the effect of omega 3's in prevention of chronic conditions and illnesses, it had been found that the capsules were forty percent more efficient overall than conventional drinking fish oil products. This is as a result of the higher content of omegas that are measured in capsules. One product that offer a flavored oil, claims that their products come from only one place in which the waters are regularly tested and controlled.

One such supplement contains high potency fish oil which comes from fish found in Norwegian waters. It is regularly tested for impurities to ensure the water is not contaminated. One teaspoon (5ml) of this type of oil is said to contain eight hundred milli grams of EPA and five hundred milli grams of DHA. This is considered to be a huge serving from the liquid type. It contains a massive combined total of 1300 mg in one serving. This fish oil also comes in lemon or orange flavor which is far more tasteful than fish.

This is just one of many as demand for this type of product has also increased immensely since tests have found a deficiency thereof to lead to fatal conditions. One other type of condition that it is said to have a serious prevention effect on is cancers throughout the entire body. This is only speculation at the moment as no real tests have been done with regard to the effects on cancer. Studies done on ordinary house pets have however shown a massive improvement in ability to overcome even arthritis as well as other inflammatory conditions.

Another reason why high potency fish oil should be considered for daily intake is the fact that it can help protect your body against cardiovascular disease or heart disease whichever you prefer. The omega 3's in the fish oil is said to improve blood flow and strengthens the heart itself. This in turn almost completely eliminates the chances of contracting such a condition or a whole list of other conditions.

Other products that include omega 3's are not really efficient as they are not active types of omegas and the body cannot activate them automatically as the high potency fish oils. Just make sure to consult your doctor about the right amount of omega 3 for your daily diet.