The Power of Inspirational Songs

Listening to motivational songs could be among the greatest thing that anyone gets pleasure from. Have you ever listened to a musician singing a song with extremely influential lyrics that you had the sense of motivation to take another series of accomplishments? How you feel greatly affects the actions you are taking. Inspirational songs can also enhance our cleverness as well as enliven both our soul and mind. According to some experts, motivational songs have the ability to heal people who are suffering emotionally, mentally, and physically. These songs encourage us to do the things that we are always afraid to do; it is like they are interacting with us and helping us gain more strength to face the everyday challenges and struggles. To come to the point, inspirational songs can actually change how we feel and believe without us knowing it.

Listening to a song have for sure an impact to one's life, directly or indirectly. Just think about it: depending on the type of songs you listen to, it can't be denied that in the middle of the song you tend to stamp your feet on the ground, move your head from left to right or vice versa and sing along with matching closed eyes, body movements, hand gestures, and heartfelt delivery of lines. You are driven mentally and emotionally through the song that somehow dictates your present outlook in life in one way or another.

Thanks to the recording companies who keep on producing songs that have a soothing effect to the listeners. As stated earlier, listening to songs changes one's point of view. How much more with an inspirational song? Studies show that inspirational songs live up its purpose of empowering the listeners. A very good example of an inspirational song is "You Raise Me Up" performed by Josh Groban. Part of its lyrics goes like this:

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

Such song is definitely one of the best compositions ever with very encouraging and uplifting words. Reading the lines will make you feel that in times of distress, someone out there is ready to comfort you, to lift you up and to encourage you to move forward. But more than anybody else, the Almighty God from above will not let you down forever. Now, hearing Josh Groban's wonderful rendition of the said song will certainly lighten one's mood and boost the morale to overcome negative feelings.

It has been proven how powerful an inspirational song can be especially during the period when you feel lost, when you are down and it seems the world is against you and there's nothing you can do. Inspirational songs have different types such as religious, national anthems, sports themed, popular and many others. In as much as many people are craving for inspirational quotations, why not try to listen to an inspirational song for a change and see for yourself how it works?

If you notice, by merely listening to a song, you have a feeling that can be attributed to the song itself, be it positive or negative. Isn't it a wonder? Yes, songs can change the way you feel or think and it has the power to change your life too. That is an inspirational song. To put it simply, an inspirational song is a poetic type of inspirational statements coordinated with a beautiful melody and sincere interpretation by the singer. The way you feel and think undoubtedly affects you in everything you do and by listening to inspirational songs you are on the right track of living in harmony with your highest aspirations.

Today, most songs focus on the universal theme – LOVE – as this is what the hopeless romantics long to hear. Many musicians take advantage with the public clamour of this type of songs. After all, they are into business. Nevertheless they were able to inspire the listeners too in spreading love and solidifying intimate relationships through the almost perfect description on how it feels to love and be loved as emphasized in the song's lyrics. Aside from this, there is also dance music that aim to motivate everybody to move and dance apart from its inspirational message. Through this, the enthusiasm of the listeners will be maintained since the upbeat tempo of the song unbelievably gives them the energy to keep going.

Sometimes inspirational songs are attached to the celebration of some festivals mostly on those with religious orientation. Even though the scene of this world is rapidly changing, still many people have not forgotten to come to God every now and then. Through these inspirational songs, many people have come to realize that even if they are at their lowest point in life, they should not lose hope no matter what happens. One thing is certain from every trial that you feel very hard to deal with there's always a way out and it's up to you to find it. Listening to inspirational songs is a great way to start.

A lot of researches were done by psychologists and they have stressed out that listening to songs is one of the contributing factors in human development. From infancy to adulthood, its impact is evidently manifested in the personality of an individual. Much more if the person is exposed to inspirational songs on a regular basis. Hearing this type of song will influence the total package of an individual throughout the 8 stages of human development.

To only listen to beneficial music has a tremendous effect on your state – and further more if you combine a good music with powerful lyrics. However this will only happen if you inculcate deep within your mind and heart the wonderful message of an inspirational song. With this, there's no reason for you to think that songs are nothing but just pure entertainment. If you thoroughly scrutinize the song itself especially the inspirational type, you will see its significance not only because of its poetic artistry, remarkable melody and unparalleled interpretation but the effect of the song to the listeners as a whole.