Advancing your career one connection at a time.

If you are asking the question what is LinkedIn then this article is for you. Now is the opportunity to seriously set aside some time and see what LinkedIn can do for you.

Here are some things to consider when using this social networking website.

1) Completely fill out your profile.

Many people forget to fully complete their profile when setting up their account. Not finishing your profile or forgetting to add a picture makes you look like you can't complete a project to employers viewing your profile. This also does you a disservice to people you are trying to connect to but they can't put a face with the name. Upload your résumé if possible as it will come in handy later when applying to job openings.

2) Make as many intentional connections as possible.

The goal is to increase your network. Don't just add connections but be intentional about the process. Think of it this way. You want people to tell you when a job opening comes up that you would be qualified to fill.

How well do they know you? I always try to connect with people on LinkedIn not long after I first Digital Media for Business(80071)meet them in person. This shows them you are social networking savvy and it shows them that you see value in the relationship. I have received many comments from people about how impressed they were that I was so quick to send them a LinkedIn invitation after a business meeting.

TIP: When you view a person's profile it will show them you are a person who viewed their profile in the last 30 days. This is a great way to have people come and investigate who you are and what you do.

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3) Join groups!

Groups on LinkedIn are very valuable for the person or for the business owner. Join groups that are relevant to your career. Within the groups are sections for discussions, promotions, and jobs. Joining groups that are specific to your job can give you an edge over a coworker.

For example, I have joined the Digital Marketing group. Inside this group is a discussion where people are posting their company Facebook page and we like each others pages to boost total likes. Also, within the discussions are topics of the day that give  you an idea about what is going on in your field or industry. 

The jobs section is great within groups. Since you are already in a group, the jobs listed will be specific to the industry. This saves you time from having to filter from the main jobs posting board within LinkedIn.

4) Follow companies.

Everyone has a dream job. Follow the company to give yourself the opportunity when the dream job opens. You will receive updates and information about that company. You can also view any positions available and see employees from that company on LinkedIn. Many times you will see people you know and can connect. Having an insider as a reference is priceless.

5) Use LinkedIn often.

I suggest signing into it daily. I usually sign in and go to the News section and view the LinkedIn Today section. Within this section are articles related to your job or industry. Keeping up to date on the trends can give you an advantage within your organization and can impress your boss. After finding an article you like go ahead and share it on your LinkedIn profile. This shows you are active and not just parking your profile for the sake of having an account.

Once you start incorporating LinkedIn into your daily lives you will see how powerful this website is  in advancing your career. I wish you all the best and hope you find your dream job.