Every day, we see people who are leading a joyous, prosperous and successful life. But, we also notice those that are living a miserable, unsuccessful and poor life. Ever wondered why one person is so accomplished while the other is not? Is it just luck that favored some while leaving the others to rot in failure? No. It is just that the successful people have used the powers of positive affirmations to lead a life that they are now living. People throughout the world experience miracles in their daily lives. You will experience miracles too if you use positive affirmations to their greatest extent. Positive affirmations are statements that instill optimism on your conscious and subconscious mind. They will keep you focused and motivated to achieve your goals. 

Here are a few positive affirmations that you can use daily to boost your confidence and lead an upbeat life:

1. Affirmations to be Happy:

You possess the power of choice. Choose happiness. Believe that happiness lies at your feet. Decide to smile more from this very minute. Let your own roaring laughter ring your ears. Make your happiness contagious. Have confidence that you can spread joy. Be delighted of the small pleasures in life. State firmly to yourself saying, 'I choose to be happy. Being happy and enjoying every moment is my life motto'. 

2. Affirmations to be Successful:

Believe that you are born to be successful. Overcome the fear of failure. Know that you have an abundance of knowledge and intelligence to become successful. Success is determined by your attitude. Be confident about conquering the world. Feel triumphant about little achievements. Affirm your mind by repeatedly saying, 'Success keeps knocking on my door. I turn every opportunity into a victory. Being triumphant is second nature to me'. 

3. Affirmations to be Healthy:

Health is your true wealth. Love your body and believe that it is perfectly healthy. Know that you are strong enough and that nothing can weaken your health. Trust that you have a powerful immune system which can protect you from every harmful disease. Believe in the healing powers of your subconscious mind. Tell yourself, 'I will take good care of my body. My health is of prime importance and I will possess a healthy mind and body. 

4. Affirmations for lasting Relationships:

Trust the people in your life. Be it your family members, your partner, friends or colleagues, believe them and know that they love you. Decide to be more co-operative and considerate with each passing day. Choose to be friendly, joyous and cheerful while around people. Tell yourself that you have a very charming personality and that people are attracted to you like a moth. Affirm yourself by saying, 'I am a lovable person and I am surrounded by people who I can trust. I will continue to have healthy relationships with people around me'. 

5. Affirmations to gain Wealth/Money:

Understand that prosperity will help you lead a good life. Believe that you can earn money in abundance. Trust that every course of action will fetch you money. Know that your intelligence and knowledge attracts money. Decide to be rich and lead a prosperous life. Be confident about every investment that you make. Firmly say, 'I am earning a lot of money and will earn more with each passing day. Money is attracted to me and is flowing in abundance through my life'.

It is rightly said - 'As you sow, so shall you reap'. If you sow the seeds of positivity in your mind then positive things are bound to happen in your life. It is possible that doubt and fear may creep in your mind owing to certain circumstances. But, do not let these negative thoughts have a free reign. Take control of your mind. Order it to be optimistic. State it firmly to follow the path of positivity. Positive affirmations to mind will certainly help you conquer the negative thoughts. Repeat these affirmations at any time of the day. In no time, you will see miracles happening to you. You live life just once and believe that it is your right to lead a happy, prosperous and successful life. Turn positive affirmations into habitual thinking. Affirm your mind to believe in the goodness of universe and you shall soon find your life changing.