In today's world most people have major restraints on their time. Between work, family, friends, and other activities, it can be difficult to incorporate a balanced meal plan. It becomes even more difficult when one is striving for a fit and athletic body. Protein shakes are a great way for athletes to get the needed nutrition. They can be quickly mixed, taste great, and will help build and restore muscle.

While some protein shakes are available pre-mixed, most will come in a powder form. There are three main protein sources used. The most common is whey. Whey is made from milk. It digests easily and will stave off an appetite. Another popular protein is casein. This is a slow working protein. It is best to have it right before bed, when it will go to work repairing and restoring muscles. Soy is the third most common protein. Since it is plant derived, this is a good choice for vegetarians. It will also work well for someone who is intolerant of dairy.

To boost metabolism, it has been recommended that people have up to six small meals a day. They must be light and balanced. It is acceptable to use a protein shake as meal supplementation in this manner.

Other weight loss tips include having a moderate exercise routine, and taking in the proper nutritional supplements. Protein shakes will only be effective if one is working the muscles. Taking a daily vitamin will also help ensure that the body is getting the nutrients it needs.

Protein shakes taste great if one drinks them right away. Never let protein shakes sit for too long, as the protein will begin to thicken and lose flavor. One can make them thick or smooth depending on the amount of liquid added. Some people use milk, while others prefer water. Adding fruit or yogurt can add a kick of flavor as well as extra health benefits.

Keep the body in optimal condition by supplementing the diet with protein shakes. They taste great, are easy to prepare, and can help restore muscle. Find the perfect protein today!