Sometimes we get into relationships for reasons that we are unaware of. Relationships can be good or bad but usually they serve a purpose to help balance parts of our personality that we are unable to balance alone. Relationships can help us overcome obstacles that we could have never on our own. Sometimes we need people in our lives to teach us certain things and certain lessons. We are here to learn from those experiences and to grow from them. Even when some relationships go bad and become abusive, we have a chance to make it better. When it gets bad it gets bad, but it can only go to a certain point before we decide to make a change. Sometimes we do things that we do not mean to in a relationship, but usually with endurance, most things in a relationship can be overcome. If the intent in a relationship is there to make things better and to be productive, a relationship can be hugely beneficial.

Some people stay away from relationships or do not commit in relationship due to the fact that they can be afraid to change as a person. Some people are just stuck in their ways. The truth is that in most relationships women are the ones to try and bring love into a relationship. Some relationships can be overbearing and one person can give too much while the other person can take too much and this can cause an unbalance and sometimes these relationships have to end. They key in relationships is to try and support one another as much as possible and to do what is right as much as you can. When some people say or find that a woman tries to change a man in a relationship it is normally because they want him to become more loving and caring. If the man succumbs to these ideologies, he can become a better person. The more positive he or she can be in a relationship, the better.

Fights are usually cause by one person or the other not doing enough or providing enough sustenance. Sometimes all that is needed is for the other person to do more in a relationship to make ends meet. Other times there ensues a relentless power struggle that does not end. Sometimes these relationships can be very destructive, but it truly all depends on the power of each individual and their individual capacity to control and utilize their power properly.