A big part of Reiki training goes into learning the different Reiki symbols, how to draw them, what they mean and how to use them. There are a lot of discussions between Reiki practitioners all over the world about whether or not it is ok to share these secret Reiki healing symbols with people who have not been attuned to Reiki healing energy or who have no interest in learning how to work with Reiki.

There are different versions on how the Reiki symbols first came about. Some say that the founder of Reiki healing, dr Mikao Usui first saw them appear in a bowl of bright light, when meditating on his own. However more likely is that the symbols have there origin in buddhist and other religious and or cultural symbols and have been converted into the Reiki symbols we know in this day and age.

Should Reiki Symbols Be Treated as Secrets?

The whole secrecy behind the Reiki symbols stems from different ways of thinking and you can come across different opinions talking to all the different Reiki masters. Some feel very strongly that these healing symbols should never be revealed to outsiders, while other Reiki masters feel very strongly about the opposite opinion and wanting to share them with as many people as possible in order to "strengthen the Reiki healing energy" all around the world.

There really is no way to deciding who is right or wrong because we are dealing with personal opinions and preferences and it is important to keep in mind that the symbols that are now seen as healing Reiki symbols have existed long before the Reiki healing system was developed. If you have ever been to Japan you probably have noticed these symbols out in public, mainly because they are used in many sacred places.

Many people think that the Reiki symbols are a huge big secret and even some well-trained Reiki masters think they are. These masters believe that the healing symbols should never be shared with those people who have not been attuned to Reiki energy, however it is becoming more and more popular belief that everybody should have access to the symbols and their meanings should they decide so and that it really does not matter at all if the Reiki symbols are revealed.

The Power of Reiki Symbols

There are many different opinions as to the powers the different Reiki symbols. Some masters feel that each symbol has it´s own power, it´s own strength, while others teach that they are complete manifestations of the pure energy source, but it does not end there. The more that you start studying, the more different opinions you will come across.

Some people even seem to think that if you do get to be shown the Reiki symbols before receiving your attunements, it is never going to be possible to attune you to Reiki energy. Others are afraid that if the Reiki symbols are shared freely, they will lose their power for ever or that they can be used to do evil.

However, if you have studied Reiki energy and learned about Dr Mikao Usui´s teachings you will probably realize that the Reiki symbols themselves have no secret power nor do they contain any force on their own. What the symbols do for us is connect us to the healing energy already going through us so that we, as Reiki practitioners can use it for helping ourselves and the people around us.

In order to have these healing symbols work for us, we need to be attuned to the energy and after that the Reiki healing symbols can be used to make us focus on the energy that we use in our treatments. In a way we get re-connected because every person already has this healing energy, it is the use of the symbols that will bring out this healing energy.

There are several different Reiki symbols and originally it was thought there were only 4 of them and that they were only used by those people who had a low level of energy themselves. They could use the symbols to draw in more energy or make it easier to connect to the energy already there. You could in a way compare the Reiki symbols to the training wheels on a bike, you can ride the bike without the training wheels but only if you have been practicing long enough.

A lot of the Reiki training that people undergo is learning just how to use the Reiki symbols. It is important to understand their meanings to get a deeper understanding of what Reiki is. But more importantly though is to get the attunements and learn just how to connect to the Reiki energy that is all around us in order to be able to become a channel for this Reiki and let it go there where it is needed.

Like I said, there are 4 main symbols and each one has a specific meaning and goal. The first symbol is a power symbol that is used to focus the energy. Using this symbol is in a way compared to awakening, remembering and letting go of all that blinds us so that we can reconnect to our true nature.

The second symbol stands for compassion and aids the Reiki practitioner to focus on the here and now. It is about unity and harmony. The symbol helps us connect to cleansing and healing energy, helping us to bring unity in our body, spirit and mind, getting rid of those influences that cause illness.

The third symbol is used for distant healing and is also called the symbol of connection. Reiki energy is able to travel any distance over any period of time, meaning that we can use the energy for distance healing sessions and even let it travel back and forth in time. The beauty of it though is that the Reiki healing will go there where it is needed and wanted and seeing that time is relative for this type of healing, when using the Reiki symbols you are only channeling, the energy will find it´s way in time.

The last most known symbol is the Reiki Master symbol also being seen as the realization of Reiki. This symbol is only taught to those people who have a desire to become a Reiki master and want to keep on studying Reiki beyond the level of practitioner, in order to deepen the Reiki healing energy in their life and to get closer to Reiho, the immense beaming light.